Attract Girls Even if You're Short

How to Attract Girls Even if You're Short
By John Alexander

Let me mention a few names and you can tell me what they all have in common:

- Al Pacino
- Humphrey Bogart
- Napoleon

Okay, no surprise here... they're all short guys. But you know what? They were all awesome with the ladies (and not just because of their celebrity status... they were all players before they became famous.)

In fact, the reason they could attract girls was because of their strong inner attitude.

There are a couple things you can do in the short term. Wearing boots right now will subtly add 2 or 3 inches to your height.

Also, when you dress, wear vertical stripes and tight clothes. That will make you look SLENDER, which will make you appear taller.

Long term, one way short guys can be more dominant physically is to work out. In fact that really should be first and foremost. If you've got muscles, it helps A LOT, not only with your physical appearance, but also with your confidence levels, strong inner attitude, and poise. So get in the gym.

When you're muscular and you're a short guy, you become like a pit bull. And by the way, I'd like you to experiment with that.. do not always be the nice guy who's polite. For the next few months, try to let your "inner badass" come out a bit when you're with girls.

Do the affirmation, "I'm becoming like the pitbull who can dominate the bigger dogs."

Once you start feeling more and more confident in a few weeks, change your affirmation to, "I AM like the pitbull who can dominate bigger dogs."

I've noticed that a lot of short guys develop a VERY strong presence by having cultivated that inner badass.

Now, I'm not saying you should become a jerk... but just try to balance out that inner nice guy.

Next thing to do long term is to GIVE UP any approval-seeking. Who cares what women think of you? Go through life doing what you want and being who you are. (That is so key by the way... those guys I list above were players exactly because they went through life doing what they wanted and being true to who they were.)

You see, short guys who are badasses really have a bit of an advantage. Because of their stature, they automatically are able to have more rapport with chicks (who tend to be short themselves) than the guys who are beanpoles. And when you add to that a bit of a "badboy" element, it makes chicks dripping wet with attraction.

The bottom line is this: only if YOU feel uncomfortable with your height will it affect you with the girls. If you feel completely comfortable with your height, then they will too.

By the way, when it comes to tall guys, what women find attractive about them isn't their height. It's their dominance. If you have a tight sense of inner confidence, and project a personality that sucks them in, height will be the furthest thing from their minds.

So to sum up, be true to yourself, take risks in life, cultivate your inner badass, and stop caring about anyone's approval. And hit the gym ASAP. And do the fashion things I said.

Then you'll attract girls without worrying about irrelevant things like height.

John Alexander is author of - How to Become an Alpha Male

Dating in '06

Dating for 2006
Elena Solomon (C) 2005
Author of 12 Simple Rules

There is a new type of dating that grows from inside the old, "dating game" mode - evolved dating.

What is 'evolved dating'?

It is dating for people who KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING. In other words, people who are aware of the dynamics of men-women relationships, body language, effective communication, who have their life together and who understand that there is more to dating than pick-up lines.

Those people DON'T need the usual dating games, playing hard-to-get etc, etc. Like high-level sportsmen, they can spot each other in an instant.

Those people are the ones that cannot be missed in a crowd, who draw all the attention, even when they are seemingly doing nothing.

They don't lie or use tricks; they are refreshingly honest and straightforward. And they never feel ashamed or inferior.

They possess calm, relaxed confidence that is as powerful as a nuclear reactor. The people comment about them, "There is something special about you" or call it, "a presence".

They simply look you in the eyes, and you start feeling weak at your knees. Your heart skips a bit and you start feeling dizzy. I have experienced this myself and seen this effect at work, once I learned how to do it.

You may now start wondering, how to gain such a power?

It's extremely simple, and at the same time it's hard work.

How can it be?

Because doing these things is really simple - but to make oneself doing them, takes commitment and courage.

It's like giving up smoking - all you need to do is to stop buying your own cigarettes and borrowing from others. It's really simple. But so many people have been smoking for many years and complain they cannot give up. (I have NEVER met a smoker who was over 20 and didn't want to quit!)

People that are on the level of evolved dating are the people who are successful. My definition of success is: success is doing what it takes when you know you must do it.

Really simple.

Over the years I realized that there is really nothing new under the sun, and the simple things are the ones that work the best.

I have also realized that anyone can develop him or herself to the level of evolved dating, in as short a period as one year (or less).

The place to start is to STOP seeking approval of others. This will have an effect so dramatic, you can see the results in a month time - people will start asking you what happened and saying you have changed.


Most people worry all their life what other people will think of them, or what others will say, etc, etc. It's like cutting your own wings. You can fly but you refuse because you are afraid what others may think.

You maybe afraid being the best you can be because you think others can feel uncomfortable in your company. The truth is, it's exactly the other way around: by allowing yourself to be the best you can be, you give permission to others to be the best they can be.

Stop worrying about others. You are the most important person in your life and you only have so many years to live on this Earth. Make yourself happy and stop taking responsibility for other people's happiness. Your happiness is your choice. Their happiness is their choice. As long as they are adults, their happiness is none of your business.

And stop faking it.

You fake things because you are afraid the others won't like you the way you are. The truth is, the others are faking themselves just as you do, to please you. If you are honest, you are allowing them to be honest, too.

This is what evolved dating is about, and this is why those people are so powerfully confident: they don't fake it. They simply ARE. They don't seek your approval and they don't expect you to seek theirs.

Most people try to give themselves to other people. People that are on the level of evolved dating give you the gift of being YOURSELF. You don't have to fake it with them.

You can reach the level of evolved dating, too.

When do you want to start?

Elena Solomon - Dating Coach
Read Elena's 12 Simple Rules of Dating