Beware Some Daters Have an Agenda

Dating should be a Safe Place for Women

The Dating Game should be a safe place, where love prevails and good triumphs over evil. This illusion only exists in the fairy tale world. In the real world you must always be on guard against those, who would suck the last penny out of your bank account. If you let the word love consume your better judgment, you are placing a sign on your forehead, which says. I'm an easy mark, please take all my money.

Beware of Scammers

Scammers are by nature bottom feeders, they have no conscious. They will take that, which required a life time to make and have no remorse, for what they have done. They are in my opinion the scum of the earth. They have no social redeeming quality. When discovered, they should be squashed like a bug and left to be vaporized by the rising sun.

Here are some tips, that will help you spot a scammer:
  1. They tell you, your beautiful. But your mirror tells you that's not true.
  2. They love your food, even when it sucks.
  3. They constantly mention how slim you are, when your really fat.
  4. They will scam you with a trash bucket full of love words, which if you buy, will eventually transfer your money to their account.
  5. They will become like a mirror and reflect to you, the image you want to see.
  6. Their trickery will lull you into a false sense of security and when that happens, they will reel you in like a fish. You wont, even see it coming.
If you receive any compliments like the above. You might want to consider hiding your money, even from yourself. I'm suggesting this, because these dudes have fine tuned their presentations. Which almost always work. They are truly masters of their craft.

See the Warning Signs? Hide the Cash

If any man, has performed any of the above stuff. Place yourself on alert, for the following warning comments from him. In the next paragraph, I will play the role of the scammer. Your attention here, may save your heart from being broken. Should you buy into the baloney, you will never see your money again. Even if they catch the perpetrator, I assure you the money will be gone and no amount of effort, on your part, will bring it back. Those who scam almost always live to the limit of their stealing. Thus, when you catch them, they will have no money to repay you with.

Here's a Pitch

Im now going to play the part of a scammer. This will give you a clear picture how the process works. Lets imagine, I meet you at one of your church events. I would gain your attention and introduce myself. I would indicate to you, that I'm looking to buy a house in the area and could you possibly recommend a good realtor. More then likely, you would know one and suggest same to me. During this meeting, I would also depict myself as a God loving person.

He will Select You if you appear to have Money

My first goal would be to determine, whether you have any money. I would then begin one of the oldest scams in the world. Its called baiting and hooking. Its relates to fishing and in this particular situation, you are the fish and he is the fisher.

Parents Passed and Left Him the House

I'm going to tell you that my parents died and left me the family homestead. Then I would casually mention that my intention is to sell the house. I would indicate that a modest amount of improvement would be required before I put the house on the market. I would then ask you what improvements from a women's perspective, would more likely increase the selling price. I would at this point show you pictures of the house, both inside and out. I acquired these pictures, while pretending to be a perspective buyer. I would pick the house that suited my presentation. This house would have been one with outdated bathrooms / kitchen. Your probably going to suggest I consider renovating both baths / kitchen. You might also recommend, that I paint the entire house inside and out. Whatever your suggestions are, these renovations would involve spending money.

Would Sell You a Story of Whow

In time perhaps days later I would skillfully display a great deal of remorse, that I had so abused my credit that the lending institutions would not approve my application for a loan. I would with tears in my eyes reveal behavior on my part that ruined my credit. I would tell you that receiving Jesus as my savior turned my life around. But only time and good conduct, would improve my credit rating. I would tell you, that numerous lending institutions have informed me, that I needed to stay the course for two more years and then, they would reconsider my loan application.

When You Offer to Help Your Hooked

My next goal is to get you to offer to help me. I would never ask you for the money directly, that would ruin the scam. If I stay to my game plan, You will will probably take the bait and I will reel you in. You will offer to help me. I will of course flatly reject your offer of help.

I Would Sign Loan Agreement which gives you a Profit of the sale

I would in time accept your loving offer. I of course would insist on signing a notarized document spelling out in great detail the schedule I will follow in repaying this loan. I would even insist of you receive a percent of the money I acquire from selling the house. I would do this to reinforce my total commit to repaying this loan.

Once I get the money I would convert same into cash. I would then initiate my exit plan. So don't be a fish and have your heart broken.

These are my thoughts and I live by them. Love Rules & That's That.

Don L. Terrill

Photo by Ctd 2005