Use Only Gentle Words

The first Hurdle to Dating is to over come your Mouth

Our mouth is like a separate part of are body and frequently utters words before thinking about them. I’m not suggesting we censor everything we say before we speak. But we could cease to use certain phases that present us as faulty individuals. When ones is in the dating mode your best first impression will go a long way in producing a possible date for you.

Avoid Saying Bad Things

During my last two years of High School I frequently guyed around with six or so individuals. During our time together we developed phrases that we used between ourselves and it wasn’t good stuff to use around girls. Because some of the phrases would directly or indirectly impact adversely on a person of the opposite sex. Yes I must confess it was childish and didn’t portray girls as individuals. And their body parts were frequent points of discussion.

Girls have Similar Phrases about Us

Thought I never participated with a group of girls I’m sure similar activities were happening during their gatherings together.

Changing Partners always created Negative Responses

When dating couples would break up there responses about each other would easily fall in the negative area of discussion. And so the journey grows.

learn to Control Your Words

The sooner we all learn the value of words and how they affect the quality of our life, the sooner we start making progress in the dating and matting game. Now don’t get me wrong I’m no angel and I have many regrets I would love to take back if I could. But at least I have gained some degree of control over the words that leave my mouth. Sometimes when my control is challenged I raise my voice but the words are still civil. Not so with a couple that exploded while I was walking with one of my grand children. At first they seemed to be ok and then both of them just went ballistic and hurled numerous unkind words at each other. Even a block away I could still make out the words of hostility they showered each other with.

If you Use Them You will Abuse Them

If we use a bad collection of words, it’s just a matter of time before they slip out and dilute our opportunity to hold hands with someone.

Dating & Surviving Requires Gentle Words

Dating is a very precious thing and should be guided with gentle words that will bring two souls closer together. And know matter how long it takes keep dating till cupid’s arrow finds you. That’s how I feel and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by rileyroxx