Get People to Date for You

Create a Net work of Date Helpers

This can be anyone, who you know. If possible select people who have a vested interest in helping you. For example, but not limited to, your immediate family members. Those immediately around you have probable the most to gain by helping you find a loving mate. If your like most people, looking for a soul mate, your probable at very least, moderately unhappy with your current status on the dating scale of success. Here’s the bottom-line. When your happy everyone else in your vicinity, receives better vibes from you and good vibes are greatly appreciated by all.

Searching for Applicants

Think of yourself as an employer, who is looking to fill a job opening you have. The job position is called a soul mate. Your job description is as follows. A person who is a friend, you happen to love. Previous experience considered, but not required.

Feel First and Taste Later

So as you wonder thru your daily routine, listen to your Date Helpers and continue to encourage them, to make appointments for you. You will then interview and select possible candidates, for level two considerations. Your level one considerations will meet what I refer to as, the feeling test. Simply put, you liked how you felt about them, during your first meeting. I strongly suggest, this be your only first requirement for moving on to level two, for your consideration. If you add more requirements, then just how you feel your going to contaminate the process and greatly reduce you chances of success, in selecting a future soul mate. So place a note on your computer, feel first and taste later. This is the number one rule, for selecting a loving soul mate for life.

Observe Loving People

All level two candidates may now be questioned, handled and pursued with vigor. Your ultimate goal is to find a love mate for life. Question one you must ask yourself now. Do you know what loves feels like? And here’s just a little personal advice from me. You must answer what you know, not what you think it is. Here’s my lip ness test for really knowing what love is. Love only produces love. Only a small percent of the human race understands this concept. If you are fortunate to be one of these seekers of love, I applaud your greatness of comprehension and wish you well on the greatest journey of your life. If on the other hand, your still asking the same question, what does love feel like? Ask those people around who demonstrate by their actions, they know the answer. Thru this process you will find that, which you seek. Nothing demonstrates love more then, a loving family. So become a love under stander and love will find you. Love is a lot like a cat, it purrs but never claws. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

That’s how I feel & that’s that.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Saadia Malik