Stop Looking & Just Live

The Best way to find a Date is Stop Looking

I went thru a phase when dating was my number one priority. Guess what it didn’t work and to make things worse having all my focus on dating deprived me of living. I would go to places that supposedly would contain females that were looking for me. I guess the great planner of all things forgot to enter my name as a contestant in the I’m ready to meet the greatest kisser in the world.

I Gave Up

After spinning my wheels for one month I finally shackled myself in my apartment and decided to give up women, move into a cave and drink beer till the cows come home. And you know that? When I stopped looking fate was about to teach me a lesson. At the time I was the resident manager of the apartment complex I was living in. I always considered if I was seven sheets to the wind, I should avoid answering the phone and not respond to someone knocking on the door. I guess I was only at a six when the doorbell rang. I responded and opened the door before stood the nicest girl my blurry eyes could make out. She in an excited voice said something about water running in her Grand Mothers apt. I followed her and found water running down the wall in her granny’s apt. I said something and used the stairwell up one flight and knocked on the apt door over her granny’s place. An equally attractive girl opened the door and allowed me to view the bathroom, which showed water running over the sink and onto the floor. The girl said she was filling the basin with water so she could wash a few undies. The phone rang and distracted her from the sink and waala water run over and that caused the big fuss. I retrieved the buildings commercial water vac and sucked up all the water I could.

A Sick Pack Was My Reward

Both girls apologized and couldn’t say thank you enough to me. By this time I’m back at four sheets and looking forward to working myself back up to at least six sheets to the wind again. First I jumped in the shower and then dosed myself with smell better spray cologne. I recovered myself with my favorite shorts and holey shirt. With beer in one hand and the tv controller in the other all was well again. My clean hinny know more then hit its favorite chair cushion when the doorbell rang again. Some how with both items of pleasure still in my control I managed to open the door. The first girl was back again and this time waved a six-pack at me. And then spoke welcomed words to me may I join you? Three beers later six sheets to the wind she left and I had her phone number.

A Note and I Said Yes

Two days later I found a note under my door. I’m Jena and I’m the girl that caused all the water to leak the other day. May I make amends by buying you dinner tonight? I dialed her number and said yes.

They Found Me

I don’t want to bore you with the details but that was a good event that happened in my life. And guess what? It didn’t require me to be in the dating mode. The minute I proclaimed myself free of looking things looked up for me.

Lesson Stop Looking, Just Be Yourself

Eventually I found the love of my life and even then I wasn’t engaged in the dating mode. Maybe you might become more successful like me by just being yourself and stop looking. That’s how I feel and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by sayhedgehog