Value Is Determined by What You Feel

Love isn't something you Learn its something you Find

I tried to spend a fair amount of time walking. If a day is on point Ill walk once in the morning and then later when the sun has fallen asleep. During my morning walking I almost also come across a coin of some value. I will stoop for a quarter and I’ve never seen a half a dollar. I have surmised from this observation that pennies, nickels and times have little value when lying on the road.

Stoop and Feel

In the dating game stooping is not only good it’s required. In the dating arena value is not determined by what you see. Its determined entirely by what you feel. Think of all the people you see and then don’t stop, stoop and get to know? I have this theory that most marriages fail because the feeling gauge wasn’t used to determine the matting partner you picked. Yes many couples connect, survive and do this without using the feeling gauge. And yes luck will play a part and some will really find true love. But the vast majority will endure only because of all the lame reasons couple can think of. Like because of the kids and I don’t want to give up the things we have. Personally I rather be alone then in a loveless marriage.

Don't Worry theres Plenty of People to Choose From

I recently read that our country the USA is soon approaching a population of three hundred million people. I’m absolutely convinced that a large percentage of these people would if given a chance meet the love matting partner of their life if they used the stooping concept I’m explaining and believe in. So start stooping and getting to know the people you associate with or pass frequently.

First Feel then Listen for the Bells

And here’s another thing most first encounters will not always make the bells ring. Sometimes a little more time talking is required to release the smell of love and for the nose to detect it. This takes time mostly because each party isn’t giving the encounter a chance to create the smell that let’s love penetrate the brain.

Two NO NOs

Picking a partner too soon or waiting and then taking the best that comes along so they think is as far wrong as wrong can get.

Meet and See if Yummy Follows

Remember your journey as a young person and having to try all the stuff that got put on your plate and how awkward it was to try certain things because of the way they looked or smelled? The food processing concept must be totally ignored while trying to select the mate your hoping to spend the rest of your life with. Remember all the time when your eyes said no way, but your test bubs said yummy? While that’s kind of like finding love. First you must give it a fair evaluation and if right the love bug will do its stuff and your total body will say yummy. That’s how I feel and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Đševin