Alcohol in Moderation Makes You a Better Dater

Dating Successfully Requires Alcohol in Moderation

It hard enough to make good decisions when you’re sober its darn near impossible when you’re drinking too much. Alcohol and common sense never seem to jell and create good judgment. Always ask yourself when your drinking is this a good thing I’m about to do? Most of the time you will answer yourself by saying no. Alcohol loosens our will power and that makes us vulnerable to making bad decisions. One such decision is having children when their not planned for. Everything seems so right when you’re drinking, but in the morning you have regrets. Sometimes alcohol and sex leads to aids and that will change your life forever. Please always remember there is no cure for aids.

Sober Daters Make Better Daters

I’m not opposed to drinking. I myself enjoying a little wine just before hitting the sack. It helps put me in the right frame of mind to sleep better. This of course could be just a big bag of baloney and I’m buying it because I just like the wine. Either way I think Ill keep doing it as long as it’s a good experience.

Drinking While Dating Changes peoples Personality

I know this young man who has a drinking problem. The sad part is he is really a good person when he stays off the booze. He like Doctor Jeckle and Mr. Hyde. I think he’s been going to college for five years and still doesn’t have his associate’s degree. He used to drive now he uses a motorbike, which I understand someone just ripped off his bike and he’s now walking or taking the bus. Not too many years ago he was an assistant manager at a local establishment and made over thirty thousand dollars a year. At this time he was going to college part time. Now I doubt if he’s making one hundred dollars per week.

Potential Daters Avoid Him

Most of the people he knows avoid him because he turns into a raging drunk when he drinks too much. So he for all practical purposes has only his close family to count on and there help and understanding is almost at a breaking point.

Dating & Alcohol in Moderation

I like this person very much, but see only doom for him on this current course in his life. I would find joy in seeing him find himself and be happy for the rest of his life. Life and dating is best served by drinking in moderation. That’s my story and I sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by rileyroxx