Dog Walking Netted Companion

Animal Loving Men Gravitated to Her

I had a family member who lost her husband when she was fifty. She being an out spoken person wasted know time in trolling for a new husband. Her strategy was to use her ankle bitter to help in meeting men in the neighborhood. She lived in a high-end community. Her x was the senior vice president of the largest bank in Detroit. I got the impression they weren’t hurting for the material things of life.

Knew Rich Available Men Lived in the Neighborhood

She knew thru contacts with her x husband that there were at least three widowed men in a six-block radius of her home. She walked the dog three times daily and eventually snagged a lonely man. With in six months they were married.

Imagine What a Well Meaning Person Could Attract

This family member and her first husband used to visit my parents twice yearly and I can tell you that she was no bargain to be around. Only questions came out of her mouth and the next question always came before you finished answering the first inquiry. She never smiled and hardly ever uttered a word that implied she cared about anyone but herself.

She Wasn't a Candidate for Saint Hood

She insisted her husband cater to her every need. I marveled at his ability to maintain his composure. He took her nagging and never spoke an unkind word to her in my presence. I always wondered why he put up with this mean spirited person. He was a soft-spoken man and deserved a quality person rather then the wicked witch from the Wizard of Ozz.

He Always Told me to be Myself & Dream, I Wondered if He Did

The last time they visited my parents he was skinny as a rail and could hardly speak without coughing. Months after this family gathering he passed away. My parents attended his funeral and discovered he died of cancer. His passing made me sad because he was always kind to me and encouraged me to fulfill my dreams.

It Isn't About Deserving, Its About Trying

I’m telling you this story to show you that unkind people find mates. Imagine how successful you could be, being a nice person. There’s know question in my mind that people are struggling to find someone to date and they our willing to except low quality people because the good people aren’t trying hard enough to meet them.

So Be Seen & You Will be Found

So use your dog or rent one and walk or display your kindness anyway you can, because your valuable and someone will cherish that quality if you let them. So open your door and let suitors in. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Steve Parker