Helping Others Will Find You More Dates

Offer to Help

Helping someone is a great way to meet or get connected with someone through the help of others. Sure a lot of the time you’ll just help and nothing will seem to come from it. But little do you know whats going on behind the scenes.

Helping Helps You Find a Date

I have over the years helped numerous friends, family members and friends of those two groups I just mentioned. And often times then not nothing positive developed during the heavy lifting of sofas and varied sizes of boxes. But later new names of people would be added to my list of those that I know and sometimes much later after meeting someone a connection is made and word sharing is created. And talking is the first step in getting a toehold in the door and sometimes that leads to togetherness. And if I hadn’t helped someone along the way the togetherness would have never happened.

In Time the Fog Lifts

My oldest son who bears my name recently shared some of his infinite wisdom with me. He said life is like going through a fog and because of that you never know how close you are to reaching the goal of success your looking for. And this thinking explains the journey of dating to a tee. Finding a date is like walking through the fog and then walla there stands your date. Imagine if you gave up because of the fog and you only had to take one more step and success would be achieved.

A Perfect Match

As near as I can determine most singles are looking to find their match and live happily ever after. Most will not find their match because they give up to early and then just end up with the next best choice, which will never fill the slot for the match of your life. To avoid having this happen to you requires persistence of purpose and knowing that soon the fog will lift and there will be standing the person whose heart perfectly matches yours. That’s how I feel and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by lorelei