Don't Pretend It Is When It Isn't

Dating for the Wrong Reason

Dating someone that is not working for you is a bad idea. First it’s not fair to them it gives them hope which you know will not happen. Yes I know what you’re probably going to say; at least it’s someone to date. Yes that is true, but would you want someone to do that to you? So be fair it’s the right thing to do. I know this response is most of the time a killer to a dating situation, but here’s the right thing to do. Tell the person its not working for you, but you would love to develop a friendship and see if that might happen. Whether it does or doesn’t it’s the right thing to do and you know it.

Not Good for Either Party

There are other reasons why dating someone that’s not working for you is a bad thing. When you date someone you are implying in some degree that you are some what committed to each other. Others who might want to meet each of you will in the most part not try to connect with you because they sense a no trespassing sign on your forehead and that means not available. So staying with someone just to have a dating partner is not a good thing for you.

Change Your Relationship or Let Go

But look at the up side you might thru this process create a friendship and that’s nothing to sniff at. Friends are hard to find, maybe this person interested you because you just like them. Like with Grace and Will there not compatible lifetime partners but they are friends and friends are far and few between. But make sure the person in question clearly understands where you’re coming from and isn’t hanging around under false hopes. If you think they’re agreeing with you, but show signs that would imply other wise squash the deal and make a clean break. Having an x around can and frequently does cause confrontations that lead to bad conclusions.

Giving the Wrong Impression is Just Wrong

Deceiving someone who has warm feelings for you is a unkind thing to do and its doesn’t help you feel good about yourself. So be the person that would make you proud of yourself. So date, mate, find a friend or just leave it be. Living a happy life is hard to do when you leave a trail of dead bodies; that hurt because you were unkind. Doing the right thing may not always produce instant niceness but it will help you sleep better at night. So sleep on and like yourself better and find Love. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by lynn smith