Don't Date Just Meet

Stop Dating & Just Speak

Trying to find a date is probably one of the most difficult activities that most people experience in their lifetime. Maybe it would be good thinking to avoid this traumatic experience and just spend all your time just wandering around and just making friends or acquaintances and then see what develops from that. Kind of like taking your camera pictures in and seeing how they turn out. I personally enjoy talking to people and make that connection every time I’m in their proximity. Like trying to find a date by saying something to someone most of the time generates words or gestures that brought us together for one brief moment. Now if I see that newbie again and the connection is made again then we move one-step closer to knowing each other and now we are know longer strangers. And then the chance of sharing space together becomes closer to reality if both parties by their words and gestures say yes. Yes maybe represented by a smile, giggle or a twinkle in the eyes.

All the Lost Opportunities

Look back on all the times you have spoken to someone and never added a special word to the conversation that would have sparked a reaction that showed you shared an interest in them.

All It Takes is One Spoken Word

Communication of this nature might work when one party to the conversation is paying attention to what is being said and notices a slight change of words that represent a tiny approach towards you in the hope that you will respond in kind and then something new happens and then the ball starts rolling in the right direction for both parties. Its like sharing words that give you both the feeling that each is attempting to say lets just talk and see how that works. Maybe the word connection will happen because you share a common interest. When this happens just be yourself and talk like you normally do and if your words jell maybe you two will jell and wouldn’t that be swell. That’s how I feel and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by mcaretaker