Dating & Guns Don't Mix


In the early stages of my working I was employed at a local hospital. This hospital was located in a town that sometimes resembled the town of Tombstone in the movies. Hardly did a week go by that gun-toting residents didn’t demonstrate their rights to bare arms. Sometimes this activity produced results that were counter productive to the person wheeling the gun.

Doctor had No Patience for Gun Totting Desperado's

I remember one such case while I was helping maintain order in the Emergency Room. It was Friday night and the time was probably 9 PM. Normally Friday and Saturday were the busiest nights of the week. Most accidents and injuries involved cars, guns or booze, or any combination there of. On this particular night my favorite doctor was in attendance. His proper title was Doctor Kennedy. To those that regularly worked the Emergency Room he was referred to as Doctor Dead. He was ordained this title because his approach to patients was delivered with no expression on his face. Doctor Kennedy had know patience or sympathy for anyone carelessly causing harm to themselves or someone else by recklessly using one of the aforementioned items.

Gun Went Off and Family Business Changed

On this particular night business was booming and Doctor Dead was gloomier then usual. A gentleman was brought into the Emergency Room by ambulance. He had inadvertently shot himself in the lower frontal area. If I got the jest of the story right he thought his wife was fooling around on him, while he worked at night. So on this particular night he decided to confront his wife and the boyfriend. An interested party told him that the two of them met every Friday night at this particular bar. He said he took his gun and went to the bar to scare the man so he would leave his wife alone. So there he was in the bar waiting for the cheaters to arrive. When they walked in he grabbed for his gun, which was in his front pocket. The gun got stuck he pulled and the gun went off.

No More Children

Doctor Kennedy observed the injured area and asked the gentlemen if he had any children? The man said yes. The doctor said that’s a good thing because you’re not having any more.

A Cover May Block Your Vision

This story teaches us that cheating, jealousy, mating and guns don’t mix. If your dating includes any of the aforementioned words? stop, get help and hide till the storm passes. Because if you don't, a doctor may cover your face and an orderly will deliver you to the Morgue. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Drab Makyo