A Smile is Your Greatest Aid in Dating

Dating Works Better When You Smile

Smiling makes you more user friendly, people feel more comfortable about approaching you. Smiling opens doors that would otherwise be closed.

Smiling & Happy Feelings are Powerful Dating Tools

Smiling backed up with happy feelings will really do the trick. Smiling brings out smiling from the person your smiling at. It’s like a natural thing of nature smile and they will smile back at you. Go ahead right now and smile at the first person you see? Ill bet they smiled back.

Successful Daters Always Make Eye Contact First & Then smile

I think humans relate to happiness that is directed at them. I seem to approve of people who smile at me. Try it and see how it works out for you. Go to a store and make eye contact with someone and smile. Do this and observe what they do in return to you. You will be pleasantly surprised at their response to your smiling at them.

Direct Your Dating Smile to Them

Here is really the correct way to smile at people. When you first make eye contact don’t be smiling but smile instantly after that. You want them to see you first without a smile and then with one and keep the smiling going for a second or two. You’ll be amazed how well it works.

The Closer the Smile the Better it Works

The closer you are to the person your smiling at makes the whole thing work even better. When there close you can even throw in a thought or two. For example you can say words that are personal or generic to the area you’re in. Recently I was in my doctor’s office and I smiled at this lady she returned same and I said why do we always have to wait so long before seeing the doctor? She agreed that’s the beginning of a conversation if I want it to go further.

Smile, then Try Words

Try approaching everything in your life with a smile and then if possible follow up with words, this practice will in time become natural. It will help you connect with people and that will lead to dating and that’s what the Dating Play Book is all about.

People Like People that Smile

A smile when done with feelings is always received with open arms. Think about all the time your not smiling. When you don’t smile people don’t smile at you and that’s a negative thing to you. Smiling is like a sunny day it makes you feel good all over. Never underestimate the power of a smile. Learn to smile and talk at the same time. It’s a tactic that will warm the heart of those who you talk to. It will give people a reason to like you and what’s the harm in that.

Never Say Smile to Someone, Show by Example Only

Never suggest to people they smile, that will not be received well by the other person. Teaching the art of smiling is best taught by example so be a good example and smile all the time. That’s my story and I live by it and Love Rules.

Don L. Terrill,

photo by powerbooktrance