Change Jobs & Find More Dates

Change Occupations & Find New Dates

Sometimes we make are hardest decisions because we have no other choices. All to often we select options that help us through situations. Like for example when we need to pay are bills but were temporarily out of work and money is short in supply; many times we solicit help from generous people around us. This option if abused will eventually run dry like a water hole in the dessert. When this happens we do what we should have done in the first place. Get serious and find a job, even if it requires being on the bottom of the rung of the ladder and often times as not it turns out to be a good decision on our part. But humans being what they are general don’t make this change till it is absolutely required. I guess we don’t like to move out of our comfort zone. We see new things as fearful and would rather stay where we feel ok.

Nuclear Cop

I remember when one of these times when I needed to find a new job but hesitated because I knew it would require me to learn new things which bothered me a little because I didn’t do well in school. But circumstance forced me to over ride my concern and I applied for a Security job at a local Nuclear Plant. I applied for the job on Thursday and was working the following Monday. It seems I was a prime candidate for the job. I had a good driving record, wasn’t on drugs and have never been convicted of any crime. So they welcomed me with open arms. First I walked the grounds and buildings and punched in at certain checkpoints. I liked the job and got to meet many contractors who offered me jobs from time to time. I found out that I was in demand because I knew where everything was and that was a big plus. Finding out where locations were was a big challenge for every new employee whether they were working for private contractors, the power company or a government employee.

Quality Control Inspector

So in time I changed jobs and started working for a company that inspected welds. The company put me on a training program that involved going to certain schools that taught me the fine art of checking certain types of welds. At the height of my learning I was qualified to inspect probably six types of welds and document same. It was a good job and paid well. Sometimes during rush times we worked double shifts boy did they produce a nice paycheck.

Dating Opportunities Were Every Where

During my one-year tenure with the nuclear business I enjoyed meeting numerous girls that worked there. Those meetings produced many dates and generated many partial friendships. It’s like you become one big family and everyone has a connection together. I learned and enjoyed my time there. I would hardily recommend this kind of environment to anyone wishing to have a good job that affords the opportunity to meet members of the opposite sex and serve a vital service in the process.

Try New Positions and Find New Dating Partners

So don’t be afraid to move out of your comfort zone, because new opportunities bring new acquaintances and that produces dates, which generate the feelings that two people produce. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by cogdogblog