Share the Knowledge That You Like Someone

Share Who You Like With Others

I have always felt that connecting with people always works better going thru other people first. We as human beings share information from one another. It’s just what we do. We are not great keepers of information. If it goes in our head and it generally goes out our mouth. So if you tell someone you like someone it probably in time will reach the person you like. If the person in question likes you; that will propel them to do likewise to you in reverse. This will start the ball rolling. This is what I call people sharing. Its kind of like jungle drums if enough people hear the drums and drum on, then the message will get out and maybe two interested parties will wonder together over a Whopper at Burger King. This is not a plug but just a location that gravitated out of my brain. Though I would consider being their spoke person. Hey a burger once in awhile is good for all of us.

Sharing Wont Hurt You

But just think about it. You face no upfront rejection by commenting to someone that you like someone else. It’s easy to do and if you don’t get a positive result try drumming someone else. It’s like birds trying to mate. They sing their mating songs until a mate arrives.

Like Beating Drums in the Jungle

Unless you’re perfect which no one is, you need help moving closer to people. Sending out smoke signals can be a very productive way to generate people of interest. Its human nature to blab, so blab. Remember the slogan an apple a day keeps the doctor away. So apply this thinking to your life. Shared information will keep loneliness away. Sure rejection will happen, but so what, its better then just standing still. If you don’t move from where you are, that’s where you will be tomorrow. Rejection hurts and disappoints, but wont kill us. Think of rejection as just part of the process. Sales people deal with this kind of thinking all the time. They know that they must face so many rejections before they make a sale.

In Time Someone Will Help You Meet Someone

So reject, reject, reject and then find someone who likes you. It may not last, but it will be a learning experience and more experience makes us better drummers. And take it from one who knows; Your Love Mate is drumming for you too. In time your beats will match and love will sweep you off your feet. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by photographia