Rejection Means Your Trying & Thats the Goal

So What Makes Dating So Hard?

What do you think human beings do more then anything else? Would it surprise you to know, that the answer is talk. Think about all the time you spend talking. Does this constant babble bother or scare us? The answer of course is no. Talking is as natural as blowing our nose when we have a cold. So why does it bother us to talk to a person were interested in dating? I think it is because we fear rejection. If we could over come this rejection stuff, talking to the opposite sex would be a snap to do. After all we talk to the opposite sex all the time and it doesn’t cause us to fear rejection.

Forget Dating & Just Talk

Yesterday to prove my point, I visited three department stores and asked questions of numerous employees of the opposite sex. Most of these questions involved where could I find a certain product. Some ladies told me where to go, others walked me to the product and shared information with me. Here’s the interesting point I’m trying to make, at know time did I experience rejection. Is that interesting or what? So maybe there’s something we can learn from this experience.

Pretend Your Talking to Someone You Already know

Here’s my theory about this whole thing. Rejection only shows it ugly head when we ask a dating question. Knowing this we might better serve ourselves by avoiding a dating question, until we feel it will be more favorable received.

Talk Till Words of I Like You Show Up

Until we feel more comfortable, maybe we should treat this person as just a person and not someone were interested in dating. By doing this we can just do what we always do and that is just talk. Maybe in time we will hear words or see gestures that will move us closer to a dating question.

Your Goal is to Develop a Talking Habit

Here’s another good point. Asking non-dating questions of the opposite sex will help you built up your confidence. It will become commonplace in your life. So go ahead and ask, but don’t use the dating question. Remember the goal is worth the journey. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by pedrosimoes7