Select Dates Only by How You Feel

Dating Isn’t Like Putting a Puzzle Together

One of my lady friends during my childhood days was a great doer of puzzles. She would get the puzzles that know one else could put together, she had the patience of Jobe. She was one year younger then me and once while enjoying each other she kissed me on the cheek and then just smiled at me. At that moment I was eight years old and didn’t have a clue why boys and girls were different. Having know parents to raise me left many questions unanswered. But my new instincts told me that the kiss on the cheek was a good thing, but I’m sorry to report that returning same never happened, thought I must confess it did cross my mind a few times.

Always Look Deeper

Dating has absolutely nothing to do with being good at putting hard puzzles together. As a matter of fact it’s just the opposite. Finding a viable mate is at the very least not very fruitful if your trying to match up similarities in each other. You would think having common interests would more likely lead to finding the match that brings two souls together. It’s not only not true but it helps defeat the mating process. Because if you don’t see what you want to see in someone then that’s a death sentence for the candidate and rather then looking deeper we push them away and start the process all over again with a new candidate.

She Always Said No

Forget the puzzle technique and open your eyes. Now here’s your first mistake you judge someone solely by their features and not their presence. Here’s an example of what I’m talking about. Joyce a long time co-worker of mine kept saying no to a person called Jake that visited our office bi monthly doing bug prevention treatments. She said his nose was too long. Finally our two-year contract with his bug company ran out and Joyce finally figured out how she felt about him. But with prodding from me she called his company and asked them to have him call her. They informed her he no longer worked for them. She was crushed and cried while visiting the bathroom.

She Cried I Called & They Met

Through contacts I found out where he was working and called him. Thank God he was still single. I asked him to meet me for coffee time in the morning. That’s where Joyce and I went for coffee every morning. We entered she saw him and just stared without saying a word. Finally I spoke and said look its Jake lets have coffee with him.

Didn't Get My Matching Fee

I should have gotten a fee for match making. Finally features no longer mattered and they became one. Moral of the story don’t look, just follow your feelings.

Don L. Terrill

photo by LabGP & SigOther