His Pitching Pitched Me a Date

First We Just Played Catch

My oldest son Don has always been one who takes a challenge with total dedication. That’s what happened when he decided to play in little league. He first started out by just being satisfied by playing catch etc. Then he decided that pitching was going to be his forte. At first it involved short sessions of him throwing and me catching then the process slowly elevated to pitching for a half hour or so. Then as I recall he studied pitching techniques by reading certain books from the library. Then when I thought it couldn’t get more intense it did.

Strike Outs We the Pitch of the Day

We were playing catch every moment he could squeeze into his time. And his precision became extremely accurate. I placed my glove at certain heights which I varied from pitch to pitch and he developed the accuracy of a missile heading for its target. My son got so good that when he pitched for his team, walking someone wasn’t an option for him. If you didn’t swing he would strike you out by hitting the strike zone.

His Team Was Number One

His team would have won every one of their games if he had been allowed to pitch every game. That was against the rules, which allowed all players to have the opportunity to play. It was a rarity when someone managed to hit the ball. My son was a huge hit and the parents of the team loved it.

Pitched a No Hit Game

Then one day he did what few kids ever did in little league he pitched a no hitter and elevated himself into the leagues hall of fame. Of course there was no such status it only existed in my mind. But if there had been one he would have been placed in it.

Dons Dad That Was My New Name

On this particular day while sitting in the bleachers a lady introduced herself and I reciprocated by reciting my name. That’s when the lady said oh your Dons Dad and I proudly with chest out said yes. That’s the day my son made me important. All that summer I was taking partial credit for my son’s success. It was to say the least a good summer for both of us.

His Popularity Made Dating Easy for Me

Don continues even today to apply that same intensity to his life and he still pushes himself just as hard today as he did then. And even today in the quiet of my mind I can still hear the words oh your Dons Dad and I would say yes, I’m Dons Dad. Oh and by the way that lady that said oh your Dons Dad joined me for a time and we had fun together. So give Little League a try, it might find you a date, like it did me. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

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