A Co-Worker Gave Her a Helping Hand

Bagger Bags Boy Friend

I ran into Marcy while walking one morning. She asked me if I had seen a small hairy dog in the neighborhood. I said no. After that we passed paths numerous times and each time said hi to each other. Finally someone returned her dog for a reward she had posted all over the neighborhood. Normally pets especially dogs don’t find me receptive company but this four legged short model took a liking to me which impressed her owner. While petting the dog I asked her if she was married, she smiled and said yes. I told her I wrote articles concerning dating and marriage and wondered if she would share her dating connection with me. Yes was her reply.

Dog Friendship Helped

Armed with a new friend in tow we ventured to a small park and she shared her meeting and connecting with her husband of five years. She said they were happy and I assumed that meant they were in love.

They Meet in the Grocery Store

I asked her how they met and who was the aggressor? She with a slight blush on her face confessed that trickery was involved. She said while attending college she worked part time at a local grocery store as a cashier and also bagged groceries once in awhile. She said she would see her future husband once in awhile but only conjured up enough courage to say hi.

Friend Helped With a Note

Finally a fellow cashier decided to give his co worker a nudge in the right direction. He made up a note saying hi I’m Marcy a cashier here at the store and would very much like to meet you if you’re interested and then he gave him the note. In time her now husband finally found a name tag that said Marcy and said hi and can I buy you a drink at the Dunkin Doughnut, which was part of the grocery store. They shared company and love bloomed. After graduation he offered up the ring and love joined hands.

Help & Be Helped That's My Motto

Help others find love and ask others to help you do the same. After all it only takes a hi to get the connection going for life. So connect and live happily ever after. That’s my story and I’m hoping love finds you.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Demedulce