The Dating Clock is Always Ticking

Young Means Forever

Sometimes I think, we think that were going to live forever and that’s the reason we don’t take life serious. We say ho hum there is always tomorrow to do those things we should have done today. But then while we weren’t paying attention life slipped by and there we were standing on the edge of our journey and starting to count the years we have left by using the fingers of one hand. That’s the moment when we see the list of things we have never done and realize the possibility that we never will. Two years ago I had one of those moments and my alarm clock rang but this time I didn’t hit the snooze button. I decided there and then to challenge myself and find time for my list of dreams yet realized.

Two Dreams Let to Fill

I'm sure that all of us have one or two desires yet brought to the day of light. I have two such projects one is writing and the other is public speaking. I have long wanted to express myself via both of these forums. I see now that my window of opportunity is closing so that is why you’re reading my words. I have yet to see my second dream come true.

Love Will Direct My Fingers

I know what I will talk about but I'm not sure how to arrange my thoughts and beliefs into a forum that people will find interesting and hear the value of my words when I speak. I love words and love love, I'm sure in some fashion or another this will be my subject matter.

Begin & End With love

So how should I begin? Paul Revere rode his horse and shouted the words the British are coming. Today if I choice this method I would drive my car with the window down and shout the words loves coming so pay attention. Sound crazy? Maybe not. I as you have noticed am a great believer in love and the power it gives us. But my years of observation have forced me to see that love even though talked about is not really something most people have or understand. You wouldn’t think that selling love would be so hard? Its like its not really real and it only exists in the world of make believe or only other people have found it.

Finding Love is a Task Only You Can Do

I have been told that doing something requires knowledge of the subject matter. I’m ok so far; I know what real love is and where it’s at for me. So I can tell you what love is and how it feels, but I cant tell you where to find it.

You'll Know It When You Feel It

If you have to ask what love is or what does it feel like, your not tuned into the right station yet. But lets see if we can remedy that or at least give more clarity to it.

Love Is the Only Real Thing

When I met my true love, whose name is Linda; it was love at first sight for me. When she opened the door is was like someone gave me a shot of the good stuff and those feelings have never changed from then till now. And its not about any particular thing about her, its like everything about her is perfect from my perspective. Yet we have moments when we have apposing views about something, but you know what? It doesn’t affect the wonderful feelings I feel knowing she is my wife, best friend and the true love of my life.

Is Love Loving You?

So here’s the question do you think you’re in love? Or are you just fooling yourself and the person your with? When love finds you, you will know it. It will be the best thing that will ever happen to you. If you’re in a relationship that doesn’t feel right, your not there yet. Love isn’t something you make happen it just is. Its like putting a puzzle together, If all the spaces are filled, then that is when love is true, real and right for you. Maybe the problem is that we can’t really explain love but we who have it, can tell you with absolute clarity what it isn’t. Love isn’t like playing horseshoes; you don’t get points for being close. Have you every seen a picture that absolutely depicts the subject matter with complete clarity. That’s what love is, you wouldn’t change a thing.

Lovers are Better Feelers

I think that everyone who finds true love is puzzled by those who don’t get it. We think were smarter then them because we made such a great decision in selecting each other. But you know what? Love is easy to find and doesn’t require an enlightened sense of understanding to recognize.

Love Is The Only Real Thing

Imagine finding something that is absolutely perfect for you and knowing, know matter what you do that feeling will never change. Would that be cool or what? Think of all the things you have purchased or acquired that had huge valve at the point of finding but in time that feeling subsided and lost it glow of wellness. It’s like finding fools gold and we think its real but find out its worthless.

You'll Know It When You Feel It

Is there one of more things that don’t seem to jell with the person your with, then you don’t have the real thing. And here’s also another big point that people must understand so that they don’t try to make love. Love if you find it will require no modifications to make it become love. Love if you find it will require no changes. If your feeling any feelings that don't seem right to you; take two steps back and enjoy the people because you like them but don’t love them.

Its All About Finding the Light

When love finds you it wont be in the form of a Greek Goddess. It will arrive is a plain brown container and when opened will shine like the brightest star in the sky. So you will find love where you least expect it to be, so stop looking and sense the light when it glows for that is where love will be for you. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Sam Blackman