Trying to Solve a Puzzle Helps Daters Meet


Last week my lovely wife and I enjoyed viewing our countries capital. We accomplished this by walking, riding tour buses and taking the metro. My story today is about the Metro which is pretty much an under ground rail system which transports most people visiting the capital. On this particular day we were riding from the Shady Groove location to Metro Central, which is where the main lines intersect. The three lines are denoted by a color the three common ones are red, blue and green.

A Girl Solving a Puzzle

We were traveling the green line when the doors opened and in walked a lone lady whose age was probably about twenty-five. At the next stop fifty of so persons entered our car and most seemed to be of the male persuasion, seniors or first year college students. The girl in question was trying to solve a puzzle pertaining to past presidents. She asked one boy for help rather loudly and almost all the boys interacted with her and they all answered questions like they were competing for points in a shooting gallery. But what was interesting they all became friendly to each other and no longer were traveling strangers on the train. In a matter of fifteen minutes the girl with the book connected with three boys and all agreed to meet for lunch at the agricultural dining room by the holocaust presentation.

A Way to Meet People

And I sat their and watched this meeting and was profoundly impressed by how easy it was for them to come together as strangers and in a matter of minutes connect and become more then strangers just by interaction over the conversation of a puzzle book. She asked questions and they gave her answers. What an incredible way to meet new people and explore their different lives together.

Its All About a Question

Looking to make a connection with the hope of having a conversation and enjoying lunch together? Buy a puzzle book and then ask fellow travelers to help you solve the puzzle. And in the process meet new people and explore the dreams that different minds can produce. I constantly was amazed how easy it is to say something to someone and in the process create a connection that often produces fun and sometimes a lifetime of togetherness. And it all happened by just asking a question. Want to make a connection? Ask a question and see where it leads you. That’s my observation and I hope like me your paying attention when someone asks you a question.

Don L. Terrill

Photo by markcbrennan