Be a Game Hunter

Playing Safe is Only Playing

Dating is a lot like being a game hunter and going in the woods finding your prey and then cook it over an open fire. But if you are a hunter and point to shoot but never pull the trigger its not likely your going to achieve your desired goal. Yes sometimes love walks into your life and says lets get married and live happily ever after. But I have a hunch that this scenario is the exception to the rule and hardly ever happens in the real world. So if your playing it safe then its highly likely that keeping warm at night is going to require a hot water bottle.

The Law of Trying

So if love is your goal may I suggest a different approach. First and foremost pull out all the stops and stop being the person sitting in the corner waiting for someone to ask you to dance. Success in life requires that you be the aggressor and like all good salesmen you will learn that finding dates is all about making contact and see where the encounter goes. Yes rejection will over shadow the yeses but that’s the way life works. Constant trying always produces the results the pusher is trying to achieve. Its what I call the natural law of trying and in time receiving.


So is your goal to play for the rest of your life or is finding the love of your life your goal. One makes you a player and the other brings the greatest joy that the universe can produce.

Get Serious

I played for almost twenty years after getting a divorce and then one day I opened my mind and my heart and listened to what my feelings were telling me. Stop playing and get serious. I did she said yes and we lived happily ever after.

Don L. Terrill

photo by jimstonjournal