No Sometimes Improves Your Dating

Don’t Always Say Yes

No is sometimes more appropriate and gets a candidates attention. Sure in some ways it’s a negative thing and probably doesn’t make your possible date happy. But it does push them away a little bit and then that makes them a prime candidate for an I’ve reconsidered and now my answer is yes.

No Made Her More Important

I many moons before I married for the second and last time dated a social lite that loved playing the game of no and then yes. I know this because she used to use it on me. And I’m sorry to report that for a long time I didn’t realize she was just making herself more important by just saying no every once in awhile. Lets explore this thinking for a moment. If I’m dating you and always say yes to you then you’ll start thinking that I’m hooked on you and will expect yes all the time. But if no shows up every once in awhile that will emotionally make yes more important.

May Force Them Off the Pot

Sounds crazy? Maybe but no is a useful word to make someone really understand how important you are to them. I personally don’t see this as devious behavior when used in the proper way. No forces the receiver of the no to realize what part your playing in their life and sometimes gets them off dead center and forces them to compete for the company of your time. Sometimes we all need a wake up call and see the value of whats going on in our life. And by saying no once in awhile you are demonstrating to that person how important to them you are. And generally speaking I believe men need more no’s then do women. Men sometime get so caught up in their boy toys they forget about the most important toy and that is the love of their life. No you’re not a toy I’m just trying to make a point. And that point is that toys are fun to have, but love is what you want to live with. That’s my thought.

Don L. Terrill

photo by alisdair