It's All About How You Feel

It Isn't About Having Common Interests

Dating is not about finding a person to date and then through that process finding the person that best meets your needs. In other words a person who shares your interests and other matching things and that will give you an upper hand in making the matching game work for you.

Stop Looking for the Right Person

So you think you know who the right person is for you. Well guess what? nobody knows the answer to that statement till their feelings tell them who that is. So dump that thinking and enjoy everyone and don't worry and just let your feelings make that decision for you.

Love Meets Love

Have you every noticed that people who love each other seldom have too many things in common. Well guess what that’s the way it should be and must be if a love connection is going to be made. There is only one singular thing required to make a love connection that will last the test of time and that is love. If your heart loves their heart then that’s all that is required and love will bloom for as long as life lives with you.

Be Guided by What You Feel

When you meet someone what are your feelings telling you at that very moment? When my heart met her heart I knew I had that special thing that makes life the best that it can be. And like a blind man I found the light for the first time in my life. And I knew it the second I met her for the first time. Love doesn’t need time to see if it will work, on the contrary it works the moment it meets and a love match is made. I know this like I know that God is the creator of the universe and his love is connected with my love and through that I understand love and all the wellness it brings to me. So take it from the heart of one who knows love and just stop looking and just feel what your heart is telling you. Love is the true guide to finding the right match for you. That’s how I feel and so should you.

Don L. Terrill

photo by pedrosimoes7