A Pet Helps the Petting Process

Volunteer at the Animal Shelter

I did for a period of time in my younger single years and I can tell you from personal experience that girls love pets and if you’re a pet lover that’s a good image for meeting the opposite sex.

Food & Scoop Provider

My job was to tend to the basic needs of the boarders and that gave me an up close opportunity to intermingle with the smell good gender.

Met The Gentle Sex

I volunteered for this job because I was currently between jobs and needed something to keep my mind off the problems of life I was experiencing. I probably had the opportunity to communicate with fifty or so girls and probably fifty percent thought some slightly older were pleasing morsels to the bachelor mind.

A One Girl Guy

At the time I was slightly holding onto a relationship with a girl that pleased my vision but often confused me with mixed signals. I am a true believer that when I’m committed to someone I’m a one-person guy. So I didn’t extend proposals to girls visiting the pets up for adoption. But had I I’m sure I would have had a reasonable amount of success. Mainly because everyone had something in common and that was the love of those furry four legged ones in the cages. I frequently had to force myself away from girls that just wanted to talk and explain what kind of pet they were looking for. I guess they thought I had some expertise in the area. Nothing could have been farther from the truth. Cleaning cages and feeding the tenants was my extent of knowledge concerning the unfortunate boarders in my care. But that didn’t stop people from seeking out my conversation in the hope of finding enough information to make a decision about what pet to have.

Hits But Didn't Answer

Everyday I worked there opportunity knocked and I wasn't listening. Maybe you should seek out a similar volunteer situation and view what I’m talking about. I got hits without trying imagine what you could do by trying.

Dating is all about meeting and this is a good place to meet perspective opportunities. That’s my thought and maybe it will work for you.

Don L. Terrill

photo by The Moonstone Archive