Good Smelling Place to Meet

Noses Love Getting Together

When I worked for the government there was a coffee shop located about two blocks from my office. And I generally visited the place for my coffee breaks in the morning. It was run by three ladies that liked their jobs and mixed well with the clientele. Back then you could get a donut and coffee for less then two dollars. Today at StarBucks it would cost you four bucks just for the coffee minus the donut.

A Good Invironment to Meet In

But this establishment was nestled right between a high-end eatery and an ice cream place. It seemed like every other girl in the area visited this place and many sat or stood and talked to someone. The pastry was to die for. And the smell made everyone more social and agreeable even when politics raised its ugly head. I used to sit there and just marvel at how many people patronized the place. Last time I was in the area I couldn’t help not stopping by and things looked exactly like they did when I last visited. Something’s in life are perfect just the way and don’t need any updating.

My Best Choice for Togetherness

For ten years I visited that place as a single person and I never lacked for not having someone to date. I estimate that half of all the girls I dated visited that coffee shop and that’s where I got to know most of them for the first time. The people that owned that place should have charged patrons a cover charge for hanging around to meet people.

Special Inducements

And for some reason they felt they needed to run specials and that made the crowds even bigger then usual. And at certain times of the year they would bake special things to commemorate something that was going on. Between the people eating in and those buying to take out, you could hardly find anything to eat at the end of the day.

Smelling Breeds Closeness

After my first failed marriage I spent the next twenty years being a bachelor and I know what I’m talking about, when I say visit a coffee shop that sells bake goods and your opportunity to meet girls will greatly improve. I think this is so because people see each other numerous times before words are exchanged and it’s generally because you both have people in common and that makes the meetings almost effortless.

Where People Love to Talk

So here’s the trick keep going and in time the proximity of people to people just makes the comments to each other flow like a good cup of coffee and a chocolate covered donut. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by jimg944


Possibilities are Endless in Grocery Stores

Find Food and Potential Dates

Everyone needs to eat and since you have to be there anyway why not look and see if someone is looking at you. And it’s a great place to ask questions of customers, vendors and workers. Think of all the items in the store that you can ask questions about. Since this kind of interaction is the grocery experience and such no one is really viewing your inquiries with suspicion that you might be trying to hit on them. No they just think you’re a customer and in that capacity they want to be nice to you, because your money helps perpetuate their existence. So when you’re out forging for food don’t hesitate to ask questions from everyone. And then just wait for positive results. Heck if you wanted to, you could increase your dating courage by filling out an application and working for them part time. There’s a Lowes food store just blocks from my house and there always posting notices that there looking for part and full time people to fill all sorts of jobs. They range from bagging, cashiering, stockers, bakers, janitorial and maintenance persons. I’m sure this is a short list of the kinds of help they’re looking for.

Shop Talk and Make Acquaintances

My wife or I visit this local grocery store probably three times a week, mostly for one or two items at a time. And always remember the store people are there to serve you; so don’t be shy about interacting with them. After all your not an ax murder like Lizy Bourdon are you? In case this name doesn’t ring any bells for you, she chopped up her father with an ax. That couldn’t have been a pretty thing to see. My recollection is that they found her guilty and placed a rope around her neck and dangled her on the end of a rope.

Lighting Helps on Dark Days and Makes Us Feel Better To

I think food stores serve the public in numerous ways. One they provide food for the table. Next they give us a place to go and mingle with people. Also the lighting in stores almost duplicates being out in the sunlight. This type of lighting helps us all emotionally because numerous studies over the years have proven that people function better on sunny days and grocery stores help that process along, especially on dark days.

I Learned the Value of sunlight

Many years ago I learned the value of sunlight. During my tenure as a government employee I sat at my desk and observed the sunlight passing my view of vision. In time it accrued to me that when the sun was out I invertible felt better. This observation prompted me to install lights that helped replace this phenomenon when the dark days of winter arrived.

Exercise Extra Benefit

Also grocery stores give you a place to walk and push your cart around and that is good exercise for you body and it’s not like going to a health gym and sweating your buns off.

Places to met, talk & Maybe ?????

So here’s the deal, going to the grocery store can and does provide more then just things to put in you stomach. Always keep in mind that grocery stores are positive places to go to meet, talk and possible produce dating situations.

So increase you horizon and shop for all your basic needs at the grocery store. And if fate is kind to you, your emotional, physical and mating needs will be met. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Seansie


Gods House Great Place for Making Dates

Religion & Meeting Go Hand in Hand

I was but are not currently a member of a church. But my experiences as one and my numerous visits to churches has proven to me that being involved with religion is not only good for the soul but its also good for meeting peoples dating needs.

Souls Meet and Mate

Churches offer many opportunities for people to mingle together and to get involved with each other. Religious organizations hold captive audiences of people from birth to their final resting place. It is a major mixer of people and acts as a platform by which most all people interact with at some level or another. No day goes by that isn’t rewarded with the help from those who find their foundation bedded in the belief that there is a supreme being who watches over us.

Brings Lovers Together

Now just for a minute or two lets view this phenomena solely by the masses of people who interact to make it all work. Religion serves humanities purposes and one of these is to bring individuals together and this produces dates, love and then commitments to be true to each other.

Eyes Open While Caring

Religion is in part the largest date connecting organization in the world. Yes it main purpose is to spread the word but spreading the word involves people and people meet, mate and fall in love. So open your senses and pay attention to this process and I’m sure that eye opening will help you find your mate and feed your soul in proper time.

Common Focus

So use this venue to promote your dating objectives. Nothing brings people more together then a common cause and no cause is more connected in roots of the human experience then religion.

Her Sermon Reached My Heart

Numerous years ago when life weighted heavy with emotional tribulations and one thing that really helped it all get better was counseling I received from a local minister who preached over a by racial membership that was located in a community besieged by all forms of negative influences. Not only did she speak of religion but she also talked of reality and always spoke to the issue that we all must take responsibility for are actions and all things are possible with faith firmly planted in you life. I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to have known her. I hope her and Joe are doing well.

Its About Finding Each Other

So more then likely you are already involved in some fashion with religion and I’m sure that God would love to have you increase your participation in pushing or pulling the wagon. No matter what part you play rest assured that opportunities will from time to time walk by and all you have to do is talk, find, date and enjoy the journey. And don’t forget the journey is were people find each other. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by wallyg


Find Dates While Working at an Amusement Park

Ticket Takers Touch People

My parents owned an amusement park and boy did that help me meet girls. I not only rode the rides, etc free I also worked at the park. This gave me two great ways to meet girls or entice girls to be around me. Everyone who enjoyed the park found my presence a handy thing to have, because all I had to do is point or tell the operators that they were with me. I also could give tickets to rides and they didn’t need me to be present. So in many ways I was a popular person in the summer time and I used that status to improve my dating life. Yes I know that in part seems unfair but that’s the way life works. We all from time to time enjoy the favors that others can bestow on us.

People Like Popcorn

When I first started working at the park I worked in the popcorn stand and that was a perfect way to me girls. Most of the time except for weekends and holidays I worked alone, so I didn’t have someone working with me to hog the attention. My dad required me to say things like get your hot buttered popcorn here or something like that. We also sold hot-shelled peanuts. So when people were around I was spreading the word and sometimes I would single out girls going by and offer special free popcorn to someone who looked good. It’s amazing how many people love popcorn and peanuts when they’re out and about.

Give Free Items to Attract Interaction

And those who met my special attention I would cram the box full to the point of running over. Sometimes I would even get out of the small building, I was in and give samples to the chosen ones it was a great way to break the ice. I always had girls hanging around and my dad always said its better to give your product away free rather then throwing it away. So at closing time I would always give the popcorn away free. A lot of the neighborhood kids knew that and frequently stopped by at closing time. I always maintained a lot of popcorn in the machine, because the visual affect of the popcorn and how it smelled helped lure people to buy. That’s why there was so much popcorn to give away at closing time. Monday thru Fridays we would close the rides and popcorn stand for supper. When I returned after eating I would always pop fresh popcorn and give away the old or save same in plastic bags for the kids or people who I knew or thought they couldn’t afford it any other way.

Be a Ride Reliever

When I got older I would relieve ride operators for breaks on weekends because we would be open all day and I would also help on certain rides when the park was full of people.

A Public Park Now

The park was finally sold by my parents and converted into a park where people could swim, play volley ball, have picnics and they installed a huge configuration of devices that thrilled the children and their parents who watch them having fun.

Count Your Blessing Along the Way

I was very fortunate to have had such wonderful parents and everyone once in awhile just for a second I think they are still alive and I want see them and then reality hits me and I realize they are gone. Its sad that life changes and those around us come and go and it all seems so brief. I guess that’s why life needs to be enjoyed and savored, because we never know what tomorrow will bring or take away from us. So enjoy the journey because that is truly what life is all about. Sometimes I think we make a fatal mistake and view happiness as a carrot dangling on a stick in front of a donkey pulling a cart. We strive to get the carrot and lose tract of the beauty along the way.

So may I suggest if you can work or visit an amusement facility and reap the rewards of meeting people. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by wallyg


A Captured Audience

All There for the Same Purpose ( Meeting Each Other )

Imagine going to one location and having a captive audience of single people. This would be an excellent way to mingle and converse with people who have one goal in mind, to meet each other. In this environment everyone knows the person there talking to is looking for the same thing you are. Knowing that makes people ok with talking to each other. You wouldn’t have to hesitate to say something to someone and joke with each other. You’re all in the same boat so to speak and having fun. Yes you may say no and so will others say no to you; but knowing there’s more fish in the water gives you greater faith that yes or maybe is one deck chair away.

Activities That Bring Singles Together

And the ship lines offer numerous activities that help people brush against each other, which makes the heart flutter. Like but not limited to swimming, volley ball, surfing, dancing, jogging and stage entertainment just to mention a few. If you want something or need something I’m firmly convinced that they can provide it for you; assuming of course if its legal.

Learn to Meet

Even if you don’t meet that special person its still a learning experience and we all need more practice in meeting each other. It will help you to be yourself and learn new ways to approach people. It will also teach you the fine art of saying yes or no without hurting yourself or someone else.

Loved the Service They Received

I personally have never taken a cruise trip, but I know of many who have. Their account of there experiences were all very positive. And most if not all have returned for further cruises. Everyone said that there sleeping quarters were a tad small, but what they lacked in size was more then made up by the super service they received. Joe one of my Elks Brothers told me that when the left his cabin a custodian would quickly tidy up his room. And he said they never wanted for towels, tissues or etc.

Always Stuff to Eat

I was also told that food was available twenty-four hours a day and boy was it good. They even had exercise equipment and trainers to help you exercise individually or by groups.

Recommend It to Others

But most of all I was given the impression by what people said or what they implied that everyone was in some level of going or planning to take another cruise. And all said they had a great time meeting new people and having fun.

Success is Almost Guaranteed

So if you like the water and want to met people may I suggest a cruise; according to my sources its a great way to paddle your way to a great adventure. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by lyng883


A Bus Full of Hopefuls

A Trip With Togetherness in Mind

My first singles bus trip was to an amusement park and a good time was had by all. This trip was sponsored by a local singles organization. The members of this group put on single trips to a number of different locations from time to time. You could become a member or just buying a ticket, which covered your basic costs like accommodations, bus fare and charges for whatever they were going to do. You qualified for the trip if you were single, divorced or legally separated. No one checked my credentials so I assumed they just took peoples word for it.

Stand Up Presentations

During the bus trip alcohol, munchies and pop was available, this was an extra charge. Games of chance were also available if you felt lucky. During the trip numerous members performed their antics and kept the group amused. One gentlemen, and I use that word loosely was seven sheets to the wind; one hour into the trip; he ended up sleeping in the aisle way. No one seemed to mind they just stepped over him. One person brought a ticket minutes before the bus started rolling and he didn’t even know where he was going. We all met at a local motel and he was in the bar there and someone talked him into joining the group, since we were one short of a full bus. I remember him saying where am I? when we arrived at the park. He arranged a bus back home the next day. Boy was he bombed.

Tents Were not Assigned--First Come First Roomers

When we arrived member’s set up two people tents and everyone just slept were they wanted to or anywhere there was room. Everyone was given a sleeping bag and I figured out why most people got a slight buzz on before going to sleep. It was necessary to accommodate the hard ground we slept on.

Rattling of Buckets and Cold Showers

Morning was started by the playing of loud music and the rattling of metal buckets, I felt like I was in boot camp. My whole body felt like it needed a complete make over. Next we all marched to the latrine, which was clean but lacked the niceness of my home facility. It wasn’t pretty but it got the job done. No one stayed in the showers long, because the water was ice cold.

First Meal Pan Cakes, Sausage or Touch of Livation

We then enjoyed breakfast in a large tent. Some required the hair of the dog, or in laymen’s terms a drink of alcohol.

Coaster Was First Ride and Barfing Was Optional

Then like a herd of buffalo we entered the park and all decided minus three to ride every roller coaster starting with the smallest one first and eventually moving up to the fastest one. I’m sure the operators of the rides appreciated our occasional up chuck, which I’m sure required a hose down to clean up.

Home Journey was Without Fan Fair

The trip started on Friday after work and ended Sunday night around nine pm. The veterans of previous voyages partied on the way home. We newbie’s slept and comforted our injuries with over the counter painkillers.

We Dated Enjoyed Each Other But Only had the Trip in Common

I enjoyed the trip and made many new acquaintances and that was a good thing. And to my further enjoyment I had the opportunity to date one of the members. It didn’t last but we had fun and then we just moved on. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Michael Tyas


Take a Class and Meet a Lass

My Only College Class

The closest I came to going to college was taking a night class and the subject matter was economics. Even today I can still remember one of the definitions we were required to memorize. Economics is a system of thought allowing for the best satisfaction of mans unlimited wants and with limited resources. Im not sure that remembering that has ever influenced my life one way or another.

Met Two Sisters Who Generated Numerous Date for Me

But the class did generate new acquaintances. Two of these persons were sisters one year apart. They were like best of friends and always smiled; I can’t recall them ever being unhappy. We never dated but enjoyed each other’s company. They probably connected me with half a dozen dates during are tenure together. That’s the power of meeting people the more people you know the more opportunities you’ll get to connect with someone who might make your heart flutter.

Some Connected Classes Were Out of Town

I had a job working for the government and in this capacity I was required to take courses that pertained to my responsibilities. All of these classes were out of town and were mostly one or two days in length. They were all easy and they produced documents, which hung in my office and showed my greatness. I’m joking of course because most of them were a joke, like a lot of what the government does.

Got One Dinner & One Breakfast

As I reflect back on these courses all but one produced dinner partners and two of these people I dated for a short period of time.

Public Speaking Was My Hardest

The class I feared most was a Dale Carnegie course on public speaking. It helped open my mouth in front of people and that was a huge step forward for me. Even as a child I sweated bullets when I had to stand up and recite something.

Heleped Me Be Outward

This was probably one of the smartests things I have ever done in my life. I’m not sure if this class is available anymore. If it is I would highly recommend it. Yes I do still get a little jittery before talking to a group, but even that is useful because it reminds me of this course and I feel ok with speaking. If you are like I was you’ll probably have to place a stick of dynamite under your shoes to muster enough courage to sign up and get up in front of people in a class; but if you do it will change your life in ways that will amaze you. When you master this art you will find talking to people so much easier and a joy to do.

Could Speak at the Drop of a Hat

The instructors would speak from time to time and then let each student talk in front of the group. We were always told to talk on information we were familiar with. When they called your name to speak that’s when you were given the subject matter to talk about. You received no preparation time, that’s why they wanted you to talk about things in your life. Its funny what sticks in your mind but I remember the first thing I talked about. The instructor asked me to talk about shoes. I was terrified and almost couldn’t get the words out; but I did and everyone applauded. Of course we the audience did that for everyone. But even knowing it was staged it still helped me feel better.

Produced Two Lunches

This course as I recall did produce a few lunches with one person, it didn’t develop into anything but it was cool being together. I think we were both proud of each other and that was a cool feeling.

So take a class and maybe, you will get more then you expect. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by *davierae*


A Way to Bag a Date

Hand Bag Approach

Jane was one of the shyest people I have ever met. But her wanting to meet guys forced her out of hiding and into the limelight. Jane worked in a ten-story business complex that was primarily filled with prey of the opposite sex.

Strap Broke

Rather then taking the elevator she frequently choice to walk down two flights to access the eating area that was filled with vending machines with multiple choices of things to eat. On this particular day she entered the stairwell and without notice the strap on her handbag broke and all her processions spread out all over the stairwell. She no more then did this when two fresh faces of the opposite sex entered the stairwell one floor above her and were also heading for the vending area. The saw her blight and assisted her in claiming the fallen items. And in the process asked her to join them for coffee. She did but hardly spoke.

She Baited & He Got Hooked

First Jane told me that this incident embarrassed her but in time she realized that it was a great way to possible meet guys. So one day while sitting in the food area she observed a man that seemed to be looking at her more then just casually and that made her think he might be interest in her. She got up walked by him and purposely dropped her hang bang. He responded by picking it up for her. And then like a knight in shinning armory he asked if he could buy her lunch tomorrow. She responded by introducing herself and offered up a yes.

Helped Find Dating Partners

She said this bag dropping technique greatly improved her dating opportunities. And even though I cant verified this result I bet in time it bagged her Mr. Right and that is a good thing. So if you’re a dress wearer may I suggest the fine art of dropping something and see what it snags you. My thought and I hope it bags you someone.

Don L. Terrill

photo by diongillard


Panhandle for a Date

Learned By Doing

Panhandle was a term brought to my attention by a gentlemen I worked with who like myself was employed by my parents. When I first started working for my parents who owned an amusement park called Silver Beach Amusement Park in St. Joseph Michigan. I via my Fathers instructions was required to work with these older gentlemen and learn the fine art of repairing the amusement rides. One such ride was a roller coaster it wasn’t long but it was fast and those who rode it marveled at its greatness.

Panhandled in the Winter Time

One Co worker who was probably twenty years my senior worked for my parents in the summer time and then pursued the fine art of panhanding in the winter months. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term panhandle, it’s the art of begging for money or other compensation like food. This was a common practice during the great depression in the United States.

Survived by Begging

To make a long story short he would travel via hitch hiking to Florida and then find good roadway locations and display a sign indicating his need for help. And according to him he survived the winter that way.

Paned for Gold & Found Love

And here’s the kicker he met his future wife this way and both of them returned to the park to work for my parents in the summer time. Now I realize this is kind of general but it shows the value of advertising and how this process can if used produce a connection of the heart.


And the moral of the story is this, advertise by whatever means you find at your disposal that your searching for a partner to spend the rest of your life with. And probably the greatest way to achieve this goal is to advertise your availability by word of mouth or by putting your desires on a sign of some sort.

Have Gun Will Travel

There used to be a gun fighter on tv who advertised his trade by advertising the words have gun will travel. Maybe you could use a slogan like this. Have gentle heart would travel to meet you, for purpose of finding love together.

Its All About Doing

The method of choice doesn’t matter, but choosing a method and going for it, is vital to reaching the place where I do’s can be traded. That’s my thought and I hope your picking up an idea from me.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Ben Hammersley


A Shirt Statement Got Her a Yes

Will You Marry Me?

And then yes showed up, sure it was a joke at first but then they started to take each other serious and the joke turned to love and each found what they were looking for.

He Said Yes

It all started when Cindy started a business selling logos on the Internet. To promote her business she always wore special slogans of her clothing somewhere. Concentrating especially on shirts and hats. On the particular day she painted the words will you marry me? On the shirt she was wearing. And what she discovered was guys were frequently saying yes to her because of it. And then something really special happened. Phil a local cookie maker who knew Cindy but never had enough courage to say anything to her till this day when she walked into his cookie place wearing the shirt with will you marry me. And then only joking he said yes and something told Cindy that Phil wasn’t just joking. Then joking back she said ok and then the ball started rolling.

Later Bells Rang

Six month later they walked down the isle at Phil's church and both were smiling from ear to ear. And what made it happen? It was all about a way to bring to souls together who shared good feelings with each other. And it all started because someone said hey and the other said hi. And all it takes is for one person to strike up an idea and put it to the road for a trial run.

Its All About Hey

Almost everyone I find that are successfully connected in the ways of love have made it happen by one being the hey and the other being the hi. In other words someone took a change and the other said that’s ok with me because it’s the best feeling I have ever felt.

Become a Word Sharer

When love connects with love, the words know longer matter. Now it’s all about feelings and those feelings are the greatest thing you will ever experience. So be my guest and share the word. That’s how I feel and I feel good about it.

Don L. Terrill

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Our You Really Looking?

Finding Requires Looking

Finding the right person for you is simple and very easy to do. It’s just a matter of meeting people and then selecting the person that works for you. That doesn’t seem hard does it? Actually when you think about it, its very simple, it just requires you to meet people. Now before you go into I can’t do that or I’ve tried but it hasn’t worked lets just explore how this process can be achieved without too much emotional pain to you.

Theres Millions Looking for You

First of all there’s an adequate number of people suitable to be the love of you life. This is not like looking for a needle in the hay sack. There are numerous people in your area of influence that would meet your love requirements. The only thing you have to do is meet them and then observe how you feel. If you both feel extreme emotional wellness then love is knocking and you need only to open the door. Remember you don’t make love, love just finds you.

Remove the Clutter

Now here’s the fine print stuff. First are you ok? Because if your not then your love feelings will have difficulty working properly. Love finds love when the path to each other isn’t cluttered with issues or excess baggage. Electricity works, as it should when all connections are properly made so the current can move freely without meeting too much resistance. So here’s the deal if you’re not ok with yourself then resistance is created and love has a hard time finding you and you it. So lets get back to the question, are you ok? Now if you answer is no, then you need to find your harmony by creating a life style that promotes emotional wellness, which brings you happiness. This state of being is achieved by removing your emotional pain. The following method worked well for me.

A Broom Sweeps Clean

First create a list of all the things that are bothering you in your life. Here are a couple items that were on my list.

1. I was in a relationship that wasn’t working for me or the person I was with. I think we stayed together because it was better then being alone.
2. I was in a partnership that was a total disaster for me emotionally and financially.
3. Dealing with certain family members was a huge frustration for me

Ask Three Questions of Each Concern

Can I do something that will remove this item from my life?
2. If I cant remove it, is there something I can do to remove some of the pain it causing me?
3. Have I done all I can to this item so I can feel better in my life? If yes put this item on a calendar and review in a month for further consideration

Item 1. It was solved by talking with her and we both agreed that things weren’t working out for us and we jointly agreed to part company on good terms

Item 2. I sold my partnership for a pittance of what it was worth. Yes it cost me money but it gave me my sanity back.

Item 3. I decided that my family members had the right to run their life the way they wanted to. That produced results that work out for all of us.

You and you alone know if you’re emotionally ok. If your not then following my plan or create your own. But do something; because love is like a beautiful flower, it requires fertilizer, water and sun light to grow properly. So like the flower, love grows by your being ok.

Love Will Seek You Out

So if you’re ok and your willing to meet people love will find you. It’s just a matter of time, keep meeting people and don’t exclude anyone, because love may come in a package you don’t recognize. So allow yourself the opportunity to meet and talk to people. And when you least expect it, love will tap on your shoulder and the right person will connect with you and love will be your reward for being patient. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by vanessapr


Her Dream Found Reality

Helen Was Special

Many years ago I met a very special person who saw herself in a different light then other people did. Helen was born with many physical defects. She was small in statue her limbs were distorted and this was very apparent when she walked. When I met Helen she was alone but was optimistic about meeting someone to spend her life with. We both worked in the same facility and often talked when I made rounds, which was part of my job.

Helen Had A Goal

Helen knew she was different but she didn’t think of herself as different. She had this incredible ability to make people feel good; I guess that's why I enjoyed being with her. We all from time to time imply were looking for someone special and Helen made no bones that she was looking to.

She Found Her Special Person

We enjoyed each others company for over one year then I changed jobs and lost track of her. Then one day while visiting a town close to where I lived I ran into Helen and she wasn’t alone. First I thought he was just a friend like me. But after sharing hugs she introduced me to her husband. John was short and walked with one leg slightly less usable then the other. They held hands all the time we talked and then we parted with a hug and I felt the power of togetherness in both of them. Boy was it a good feeling to see her and knowing she found the love of her life.

The Power of Thought Attracts

Helen knew the power of thought and how she could project that power to find the love of her life. After seeing her again I remember all the times we talked and how she always knew that love was looming on her horizon. I must tell you shamelessly that I didn’t feel as confident in her dreams as she did. But she proved me in error and I’m so glad she did.

Dream On and Be Happy

Meeting her and experiencing the dream she found for herself gave me hope that my future could be successful like hers was. I started slowly to understand that dreams are the product of positive thinking and dreams will come true if you dream long enough. So if you dream your dreams and never lose your focus, you will find your dream like Helen did. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by K's Photo's


Coughing Brought Attention to Her


Met Sally at a gathering of people and noticed her because she coughed loudly every once in awhile. At first I just assumed she had a cold or something of that nature. But later on I found out she had a motive in pointing out her presence by coughing.

Zoning Meeting

We meet again at a local commission meeting concerning a new condo construction project in our subdivision. At first the zoning called for residential housing only and now they wanted to change zoning to allow a condo complex. Me and other residents saw this as a huge traffic jam in our already highly traveled roadways. We failed but I did talk to Sally.

Asked Why The Cough?

Since I write articles for numerous websites its always in my thinking to find new subject matter. And that’s why I sought out Sally for conversation. I mentioned my writings and asked why the coughing sometimes. Her response it helps get me noticed. And via that method she said she meets more potential dating partners.

Doubled Her Dating Partners

She said alls fair in love and war. I of course totally agreed with her observation and asked her how well it was working for her? She said it probably improved her dating by one hundred percent. But with a slight smile she indicated no permanent person has risen to the occasion as of yet. But she said hope springs eternal and so I guess that coughing is still being used and hope is just around the corner. Never thought about coughing before but sounds like a viable way to attract attention and then hopefully love will knock and then eternal bliss will prevail.

Don L. Terrill

photo by merfam


Notre Dame Caps Connected Them

Notre Dame Hat

Mary worked for an advertising company and on the side she sold hats on which she sewed wordings of your choice. Mary was single in her thirties and desperately wanted to meet this guy that walked by her house almost every night. As you would surmise Mary was a great promoter but was too shy to promote herself to him.

Gave Her Dating Advice

One day while visiting the mall I met Mary and had her letter a hat for me with Notre Dame on the front and back. While she was doing this she unknowingly let me know that she was trying to meet this person wearing a hat with the Notre Dame name on it. I told her my wife was a huge fan and I supported the team because of her. I told her I wrote articles for the Internet and one website was called DatingPlayBook.Com. That’s when I suggested a way for her to meet him. Wear a hat with Notre Dame on it and gain eye contact while walking the same streets he does.

Walked By My Home

Months later to my amazement there she was one night walking with him. They were holding hands, talking and no one else existed instead of them. And then with a broad smile she saw me stopped and introduced me to her new boyfriend. She didn’t know my name but she introduced me as the person that suggested the dating plan to her. And guess what? They were both wearing Notre Dame hats.

Common Interest

I’m constantly amazed at the simplicity of making plans to meet someone. And most of my ideas evolve around people having a common interest even if its only for the purpose of meeting someone that makes you feel good inside.

Match Up and Meet

So if your eyeing someone of interest match their hat or shirt or something and watch the reaction it creates. Ill bet saying hey will occur and then who knows.

Don L. Terrill

photo by notredamer