A Shirt Statement Got Her a Yes

Will You Marry Me?

And then yes showed up, sure it was a joke at first but then they started to take each other serious and the joke turned to love and each found what they were looking for.

He Said Yes

It all started when Cindy started a business selling logos on the Internet. To promote her business she always wore special slogans of her clothing somewhere. Concentrating especially on shirts and hats. On the particular day she painted the words will you marry me? On the shirt she was wearing. And what she discovered was guys were frequently saying yes to her because of it. And then something really special happened. Phil a local cookie maker who knew Cindy but never had enough courage to say anything to her till this day when she walked into his cookie place wearing the shirt with will you marry me. And then only joking he said yes and something told Cindy that Phil wasn’t just joking. Then joking back she said ok and then the ball started rolling.

Later Bells Rang

Six month later they walked down the isle at Phil's church and both were smiling from ear to ear. And what made it happen? It was all about a way to bring to souls together who shared good feelings with each other. And it all started because someone said hey and the other said hi. And all it takes is for one person to strike up an idea and put it to the road for a trial run.

Its All About Hey

Almost everyone I find that are successfully connected in the ways of love have made it happen by one being the hey and the other being the hi. In other words someone took a change and the other said that’s ok with me because it’s the best feeling I have ever felt.

Become a Word Sharer

When love connects with love, the words know longer matter. Now it’s all about feelings and those feelings are the greatest thing you will ever experience. So be my guest and share the word. That’s how I feel and I feel good about it.

Don L. Terrill

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