A Bus Full of Hopefuls

A Trip With Togetherness in Mind

My first singles bus trip was to an amusement park and a good time was had by all. This trip was sponsored by a local singles organization. The members of this group put on single trips to a number of different locations from time to time. You could become a member or just buying a ticket, which covered your basic costs like accommodations, bus fare and charges for whatever they were going to do. You qualified for the trip if you were single, divorced or legally separated. No one checked my credentials so I assumed they just took peoples word for it.

Stand Up Presentations

During the bus trip alcohol, munchies and pop was available, this was an extra charge. Games of chance were also available if you felt lucky. During the trip numerous members performed their antics and kept the group amused. One gentlemen, and I use that word loosely was seven sheets to the wind; one hour into the trip; he ended up sleeping in the aisle way. No one seemed to mind they just stepped over him. One person brought a ticket minutes before the bus started rolling and he didn’t even know where he was going. We all met at a local motel and he was in the bar there and someone talked him into joining the group, since we were one short of a full bus. I remember him saying where am I? when we arrived at the park. He arranged a bus back home the next day. Boy was he bombed.

Tents Were not Assigned--First Come First Roomers

When we arrived member’s set up two people tents and everyone just slept were they wanted to or anywhere there was room. Everyone was given a sleeping bag and I figured out why most people got a slight buzz on before going to sleep. It was necessary to accommodate the hard ground we slept on.

Rattling of Buckets and Cold Showers

Morning was started by the playing of loud music and the rattling of metal buckets, I felt like I was in boot camp. My whole body felt like it needed a complete make over. Next we all marched to the latrine, which was clean but lacked the niceness of my home facility. It wasn’t pretty but it got the job done. No one stayed in the showers long, because the water was ice cold.

First Meal Pan Cakes, Sausage or Touch of Livation

We then enjoyed breakfast in a large tent. Some required the hair of the dog, or in laymen’s terms a drink of alcohol.

Coaster Was First Ride and Barfing Was Optional

Then like a herd of buffalo we entered the park and all decided minus three to ride every roller coaster starting with the smallest one first and eventually moving up to the fastest one. I’m sure the operators of the rides appreciated our occasional up chuck, which I’m sure required a hose down to clean up.

Home Journey was Without Fan Fair

The trip started on Friday after work and ended Sunday night around nine pm. The veterans of previous voyages partied on the way home. We newbie’s slept and comforted our injuries with over the counter painkillers.

We Dated Enjoyed Each Other But Only had the Trip in Common

I enjoyed the trip and made many new acquaintances and that was a good thing. And to my further enjoyment I had the opportunity to date one of the members. It didn’t last but we had fun and then we just moved on. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Michael Tyas