A Captured Audience

All There for the Same Purpose ( Meeting Each Other )

Imagine going to one location and having a captive audience of single people. This would be an excellent way to mingle and converse with people who have one goal in mind, to meet each other. In this environment everyone knows the person there talking to is looking for the same thing you are. Knowing that makes people ok with talking to each other. You wouldn’t have to hesitate to say something to someone and joke with each other. You’re all in the same boat so to speak and having fun. Yes you may say no and so will others say no to you; but knowing there’s more fish in the water gives you greater faith that yes or maybe is one deck chair away.

Activities That Bring Singles Together

And the ship lines offer numerous activities that help people brush against each other, which makes the heart flutter. Like but not limited to swimming, volley ball, surfing, dancing, jogging and stage entertainment just to mention a few. If you want something or need something I’m firmly convinced that they can provide it for you; assuming of course if its legal.

Learn to Meet

Even if you don’t meet that special person its still a learning experience and we all need more practice in meeting each other. It will help you to be yourself and learn new ways to approach people. It will also teach you the fine art of saying yes or no without hurting yourself or someone else.

Loved the Service They Received

I personally have never taken a cruise trip, but I know of many who have. Their account of there experiences were all very positive. And most if not all have returned for further cruises. Everyone said that there sleeping quarters were a tad small, but what they lacked in size was more then made up by the super service they received. Joe one of my Elks Brothers told me that when the left his cabin a custodian would quickly tidy up his room. And he said they never wanted for towels, tissues or etc.

Always Stuff to Eat

I was also told that food was available twenty-four hours a day and boy was it good. They even had exercise equipment and trainers to help you exercise individually or by groups.

Recommend It to Others

But most of all I was given the impression by what people said or what they implied that everyone was in some level of going or planning to take another cruise. And all said they had a great time meeting new people and having fun.

Success is Almost Guaranteed

So if you like the water and want to met people may I suggest a cruise; according to my sources its a great way to paddle your way to a great adventure. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by lyng883