Notre Dame Caps Connected Them

Notre Dame Hat

Mary worked for an advertising company and on the side she sold hats on which she sewed wordings of your choice. Mary was single in her thirties and desperately wanted to meet this guy that walked by her house almost every night. As you would surmise Mary was a great promoter but was too shy to promote herself to him.

Gave Her Dating Advice

One day while visiting the mall I met Mary and had her letter a hat for me with Notre Dame on the front and back. While she was doing this she unknowingly let me know that she was trying to meet this person wearing a hat with the Notre Dame name on it. I told her my wife was a huge fan and I supported the team because of her. I told her I wrote articles for the Internet and one website was called DatingPlayBook.Com. That’s when I suggested a way for her to meet him. Wear a hat with Notre Dame on it and gain eye contact while walking the same streets he does.

Walked By My Home

Months later to my amazement there she was one night walking with him. They were holding hands, talking and no one else existed instead of them. And then with a broad smile she saw me stopped and introduced me to her new boyfriend. She didn’t know my name but she introduced me as the person that suggested the dating plan to her. And guess what? They were both wearing Notre Dame hats.

Common Interest

I’m constantly amazed at the simplicity of making plans to meet someone. And most of my ideas evolve around people having a common interest even if its only for the purpose of meeting someone that makes you feel good inside.

Match Up and Meet

So if your eyeing someone of interest match their hat or shirt or something and watch the reaction it creates. Ill bet saying hey will occur and then who knows.

Don L. Terrill

photo by notredamer