Her Dream Found Reality

Helen Was Special

Many years ago I met a very special person who saw herself in a different light then other people did. Helen was born with many physical defects. She was small in statue her limbs were distorted and this was very apparent when she walked. When I met Helen she was alone but was optimistic about meeting someone to spend her life with. We both worked in the same facility and often talked when I made rounds, which was part of my job.

Helen Had A Goal

Helen knew she was different but she didn’t think of herself as different. She had this incredible ability to make people feel good; I guess that's why I enjoyed being with her. We all from time to time imply were looking for someone special and Helen made no bones that she was looking to.

She Found Her Special Person

We enjoyed each others company for over one year then I changed jobs and lost track of her. Then one day while visiting a town close to where I lived I ran into Helen and she wasn’t alone. First I thought he was just a friend like me. But after sharing hugs she introduced me to her husband. John was short and walked with one leg slightly less usable then the other. They held hands all the time we talked and then we parted with a hug and I felt the power of togetherness in both of them. Boy was it a good feeling to see her and knowing she found the love of her life.

The Power of Thought Attracts

Helen knew the power of thought and how she could project that power to find the love of her life. After seeing her again I remember all the times we talked and how she always knew that love was looming on her horizon. I must tell you shamelessly that I didn’t feel as confident in her dreams as she did. But she proved me in error and I’m so glad she did.

Dream On and Be Happy

Meeting her and experiencing the dream she found for herself gave me hope that my future could be successful like hers was. I started slowly to understand that dreams are the product of positive thinking and dreams will come true if you dream long enough. So if you dream your dreams and never lose your focus, you will find your dream like Helen did. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by K's Photo's