Find Dates While Working at an Amusement Park

Ticket Takers Touch People

My parents owned an amusement park and boy did that help me meet girls. I not only rode the rides, etc free I also worked at the park. This gave me two great ways to meet girls or entice girls to be around me. Everyone who enjoyed the park found my presence a handy thing to have, because all I had to do is point or tell the operators that they were with me. I also could give tickets to rides and they didn’t need me to be present. So in many ways I was a popular person in the summer time and I used that status to improve my dating life. Yes I know that in part seems unfair but that’s the way life works. We all from time to time enjoy the favors that others can bestow on us.

People Like Popcorn

When I first started working at the park I worked in the popcorn stand and that was a perfect way to me girls. Most of the time except for weekends and holidays I worked alone, so I didn’t have someone working with me to hog the attention. My dad required me to say things like get your hot buttered popcorn here or something like that. We also sold hot-shelled peanuts. So when people were around I was spreading the word and sometimes I would single out girls going by and offer special free popcorn to someone who looked good. It’s amazing how many people love popcorn and peanuts when they’re out and about.

Give Free Items to Attract Interaction

And those who met my special attention I would cram the box full to the point of running over. Sometimes I would even get out of the small building, I was in and give samples to the chosen ones it was a great way to break the ice. I always had girls hanging around and my dad always said its better to give your product away free rather then throwing it away. So at closing time I would always give the popcorn away free. A lot of the neighborhood kids knew that and frequently stopped by at closing time. I always maintained a lot of popcorn in the machine, because the visual affect of the popcorn and how it smelled helped lure people to buy. That’s why there was so much popcorn to give away at closing time. Monday thru Fridays we would close the rides and popcorn stand for supper. When I returned after eating I would always pop fresh popcorn and give away the old or save same in plastic bags for the kids or people who I knew or thought they couldn’t afford it any other way.

Be a Ride Reliever

When I got older I would relieve ride operators for breaks on weekends because we would be open all day and I would also help on certain rides when the park was full of people.

A Public Park Now

The park was finally sold by my parents and converted into a park where people could swim, play volley ball, have picnics and they installed a huge configuration of devices that thrilled the children and their parents who watch them having fun.

Count Your Blessing Along the Way

I was very fortunate to have had such wonderful parents and everyone once in awhile just for a second I think they are still alive and I want see them and then reality hits me and I realize they are gone. Its sad that life changes and those around us come and go and it all seems so brief. I guess that’s why life needs to be enjoyed and savored, because we never know what tomorrow will bring or take away from us. So enjoy the journey because that is truly what life is all about. Sometimes I think we make a fatal mistake and view happiness as a carrot dangling on a stick in front of a donkey pulling a cart. We strive to get the carrot and lose tract of the beauty along the way.

So may I suggest if you can work or visit an amusement facility and reap the rewards of meeting people. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by wallyg