Gods House Great Place for Making Dates

Religion & Meeting Go Hand in Hand

I was but are not currently a member of a church. But my experiences as one and my numerous visits to churches has proven to me that being involved with religion is not only good for the soul but its also good for meeting peoples dating needs.

Souls Meet and Mate

Churches offer many opportunities for people to mingle together and to get involved with each other. Religious organizations hold captive audiences of people from birth to their final resting place. It is a major mixer of people and acts as a platform by which most all people interact with at some level or another. No day goes by that isn’t rewarded with the help from those who find their foundation bedded in the belief that there is a supreme being who watches over us.

Brings Lovers Together

Now just for a minute or two lets view this phenomena solely by the masses of people who interact to make it all work. Religion serves humanities purposes and one of these is to bring individuals together and this produces dates, love and then commitments to be true to each other.

Eyes Open While Caring

Religion is in part the largest date connecting organization in the world. Yes it main purpose is to spread the word but spreading the word involves people and people meet, mate and fall in love. So open your senses and pay attention to this process and I’m sure that eye opening will help you find your mate and feed your soul in proper time.

Common Focus

So use this venue to promote your dating objectives. Nothing brings people more together then a common cause and no cause is more connected in roots of the human experience then religion.

Her Sermon Reached My Heart

Numerous years ago when life weighted heavy with emotional tribulations and one thing that really helped it all get better was counseling I received from a local minister who preached over a by racial membership that was located in a community besieged by all forms of negative influences. Not only did she speak of religion but she also talked of reality and always spoke to the issue that we all must take responsibility for are actions and all things are possible with faith firmly planted in you life. I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to have known her. I hope her and Joe are doing well.

Its About Finding Each Other

So more then likely you are already involved in some fashion with religion and I’m sure that God would love to have you increase your participation in pushing or pulling the wagon. No matter what part you play rest assured that opportunities will from time to time walk by and all you have to do is talk, find, date and enjoy the journey. And don’t forget the journey is were people find each other. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by wallyg