Good Smelling Place to Meet

Noses Love Getting Together

When I worked for the government there was a coffee shop located about two blocks from my office. And I generally visited the place for my coffee breaks in the morning. It was run by three ladies that liked their jobs and mixed well with the clientele. Back then you could get a donut and coffee for less then two dollars. Today at StarBucks it would cost you four bucks just for the coffee minus the donut.

A Good Invironment to Meet In

But this establishment was nestled right between a high-end eatery and an ice cream place. It seemed like every other girl in the area visited this place and many sat or stood and talked to someone. The pastry was to die for. And the smell made everyone more social and agreeable even when politics raised its ugly head. I used to sit there and just marvel at how many people patronized the place. Last time I was in the area I couldn’t help not stopping by and things looked exactly like they did when I last visited. Something’s in life are perfect just the way and don’t need any updating.

My Best Choice for Togetherness

For ten years I visited that place as a single person and I never lacked for not having someone to date. I estimate that half of all the girls I dated visited that coffee shop and that’s where I got to know most of them for the first time. The people that owned that place should have charged patrons a cover charge for hanging around to meet people.

Special Inducements

And for some reason they felt they needed to run specials and that made the crowds even bigger then usual. And at certain times of the year they would bake special things to commemorate something that was going on. Between the people eating in and those buying to take out, you could hardly find anything to eat at the end of the day.

Smelling Breeds Closeness

After my first failed marriage I spent the next twenty years being a bachelor and I know what I’m talking about, when I say visit a coffee shop that sells bake goods and your opportunity to meet girls will greatly improve. I think this is so because people see each other numerous times before words are exchanged and it’s generally because you both have people in common and that makes the meetings almost effortless.

Where People Love to Talk

So here’s the trick keep going and in time the proximity of people to people just makes the comments to each other flow like a good cup of coffee and a chocolate covered donut. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by jimg944