Panhandle for a Date

Learned By Doing

Panhandle was a term brought to my attention by a gentlemen I worked with who like myself was employed by my parents. When I first started working for my parents who owned an amusement park called Silver Beach Amusement Park in St. Joseph Michigan. I via my Fathers instructions was required to work with these older gentlemen and learn the fine art of repairing the amusement rides. One such ride was a roller coaster it wasn’t long but it was fast and those who rode it marveled at its greatness.

Panhandled in the Winter Time

One Co worker who was probably twenty years my senior worked for my parents in the summer time and then pursued the fine art of panhanding in the winter months. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term panhandle, it’s the art of begging for money or other compensation like food. This was a common practice during the great depression in the United States.

Survived by Begging

To make a long story short he would travel via hitch hiking to Florida and then find good roadway locations and display a sign indicating his need for help. And according to him he survived the winter that way.

Paned for Gold & Found Love

And here’s the kicker he met his future wife this way and both of them returned to the park to work for my parents in the summer time. Now I realize this is kind of general but it shows the value of advertising and how this process can if used produce a connection of the heart.


And the moral of the story is this, advertise by whatever means you find at your disposal that your searching for a partner to spend the rest of your life with. And probably the greatest way to achieve this goal is to advertise your availability by word of mouth or by putting your desires on a sign of some sort.

Have Gun Will Travel

There used to be a gun fighter on tv who advertised his trade by advertising the words have gun will travel. Maybe you could use a slogan like this. Have gentle heart would travel to meet you, for purpose of finding love together.

Its All About Doing

The method of choice doesn’t matter, but choosing a method and going for it, is vital to reaching the place where I do’s can be traded. That’s my thought and I hope your picking up an idea from me.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Ben Hammersley