Possibilities are Endless in Grocery Stores

Find Food and Potential Dates

Everyone needs to eat and since you have to be there anyway why not look and see if someone is looking at you. And it’s a great place to ask questions of customers, vendors and workers. Think of all the items in the store that you can ask questions about. Since this kind of interaction is the grocery experience and such no one is really viewing your inquiries with suspicion that you might be trying to hit on them. No they just think you’re a customer and in that capacity they want to be nice to you, because your money helps perpetuate their existence. So when you’re out forging for food don’t hesitate to ask questions from everyone. And then just wait for positive results. Heck if you wanted to, you could increase your dating courage by filling out an application and working for them part time. There’s a Lowes food store just blocks from my house and there always posting notices that there looking for part and full time people to fill all sorts of jobs. They range from bagging, cashiering, stockers, bakers, janitorial and maintenance persons. I’m sure this is a short list of the kinds of help they’re looking for.

Shop Talk and Make Acquaintances

My wife or I visit this local grocery store probably three times a week, mostly for one or two items at a time. And always remember the store people are there to serve you; so don’t be shy about interacting with them. After all your not an ax murder like Lizy Bourdon are you? In case this name doesn’t ring any bells for you, she chopped up her father with an ax. That couldn’t have been a pretty thing to see. My recollection is that they found her guilty and placed a rope around her neck and dangled her on the end of a rope.

Lighting Helps on Dark Days and Makes Us Feel Better To

I think food stores serve the public in numerous ways. One they provide food for the table. Next they give us a place to go and mingle with people. Also the lighting in stores almost duplicates being out in the sunlight. This type of lighting helps us all emotionally because numerous studies over the years have proven that people function better on sunny days and grocery stores help that process along, especially on dark days.

I Learned the Value of sunlight

Many years ago I learned the value of sunlight. During my tenure as a government employee I sat at my desk and observed the sunlight passing my view of vision. In time it accrued to me that when the sun was out I invertible felt better. This observation prompted me to install lights that helped replace this phenomenon when the dark days of winter arrived.

Exercise Extra Benefit

Also grocery stores give you a place to walk and push your cart around and that is good exercise for you body and it’s not like going to a health gym and sweating your buns off.

Places to met, talk & Maybe ?????

So here’s the deal, going to the grocery store can and does provide more then just things to put in you stomach. Always keep in mind that grocery stores are positive places to go to meet, talk and possible produce dating situations.

So increase you horizon and shop for all your basic needs at the grocery store. And if fate is kind to you, your emotional, physical and mating needs will be met. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Seansie