Coughing Brought Attention to Her


Met Sally at a gathering of people and noticed her because she coughed loudly every once in awhile. At first I just assumed she had a cold or something of that nature. But later on I found out she had a motive in pointing out her presence by coughing.

Zoning Meeting

We meet again at a local commission meeting concerning a new condo construction project in our subdivision. At first the zoning called for residential housing only and now they wanted to change zoning to allow a condo complex. Me and other residents saw this as a huge traffic jam in our already highly traveled roadways. We failed but I did talk to Sally.

Asked Why The Cough?

Since I write articles for numerous websites its always in my thinking to find new subject matter. And that’s why I sought out Sally for conversation. I mentioned my writings and asked why the coughing sometimes. Her response it helps get me noticed. And via that method she said she meets more potential dating partners.

Doubled Her Dating Partners

She said alls fair in love and war. I of course totally agreed with her observation and asked her how well it was working for her? She said it probably improved her dating by one hundred percent. But with a slight smile she indicated no permanent person has risen to the occasion as of yet. But she said hope springs eternal and so I guess that coughing is still being used and hope is just around the corner. Never thought about coughing before but sounds like a viable way to attract attention and then hopefully love will knock and then eternal bliss will prevail.

Don L. Terrill

photo by merfam