Take a Class and Meet a Lass

My Only College Class

The closest I came to going to college was taking a night class and the subject matter was economics. Even today I can still remember one of the definitions we were required to memorize. Economics is a system of thought allowing for the best satisfaction of mans unlimited wants and with limited resources. Im not sure that remembering that has ever influenced my life one way or another.

Met Two Sisters Who Generated Numerous Date for Me

But the class did generate new acquaintances. Two of these persons were sisters one year apart. They were like best of friends and always smiled; I can’t recall them ever being unhappy. We never dated but enjoyed each other’s company. They probably connected me with half a dozen dates during are tenure together. That’s the power of meeting people the more people you know the more opportunities you’ll get to connect with someone who might make your heart flutter.

Some Connected Classes Were Out of Town

I had a job working for the government and in this capacity I was required to take courses that pertained to my responsibilities. All of these classes were out of town and were mostly one or two days in length. They were all easy and they produced documents, which hung in my office and showed my greatness. I’m joking of course because most of them were a joke, like a lot of what the government does.

Got One Dinner & One Breakfast

As I reflect back on these courses all but one produced dinner partners and two of these people I dated for a short period of time.

Public Speaking Was My Hardest

The class I feared most was a Dale Carnegie course on public speaking. It helped open my mouth in front of people and that was a huge step forward for me. Even as a child I sweated bullets when I had to stand up and recite something.

Heleped Me Be Outward

This was probably one of the smartests things I have ever done in my life. I’m not sure if this class is available anymore. If it is I would highly recommend it. Yes I do still get a little jittery before talking to a group, but even that is useful because it reminds me of this course and I feel ok with speaking. If you are like I was you’ll probably have to place a stick of dynamite under your shoes to muster enough courage to sign up and get up in front of people in a class; but if you do it will change your life in ways that will amaze you. When you master this art you will find talking to people so much easier and a joy to do.

Could Speak at the Drop of a Hat

The instructors would speak from time to time and then let each student talk in front of the group. We were always told to talk on information we were familiar with. When they called your name to speak that’s when you were given the subject matter to talk about. You received no preparation time, that’s why they wanted you to talk about things in your life. Its funny what sticks in your mind but I remember the first thing I talked about. The instructor asked me to talk about shoes. I was terrified and almost couldn’t get the words out; but I did and everyone applauded. Of course we the audience did that for everyone. But even knowing it was staged it still helped me feel better.

Produced Two Lunches

This course as I recall did produce a few lunches with one person, it didn’t develop into anything but it was cool being together. I think we were both proud of each other and that was a cool feeling.

So take a class and maybe, you will get more then you expect. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by *davierae*