A Way to Bag a Date

Hand Bag Approach

Jane was one of the shyest people I have ever met. But her wanting to meet guys forced her out of hiding and into the limelight. Jane worked in a ten-story business complex that was primarily filled with prey of the opposite sex.

Strap Broke

Rather then taking the elevator she frequently choice to walk down two flights to access the eating area that was filled with vending machines with multiple choices of things to eat. On this particular day she entered the stairwell and without notice the strap on her handbag broke and all her processions spread out all over the stairwell. She no more then did this when two fresh faces of the opposite sex entered the stairwell one floor above her and were also heading for the vending area. The saw her blight and assisted her in claiming the fallen items. And in the process asked her to join them for coffee. She did but hardly spoke.

She Baited & He Got Hooked

First Jane told me that this incident embarrassed her but in time she realized that it was a great way to possible meet guys. So one day while sitting in the food area she observed a man that seemed to be looking at her more then just casually and that made her think he might be interest in her. She got up walked by him and purposely dropped her hang bang. He responded by picking it up for her. And then like a knight in shinning armory he asked if he could buy her lunch tomorrow. She responded by introducing herself and offered up a yes.

Helped Find Dating Partners

She said this bag dropping technique greatly improved her dating opportunities. And even though I cant verified this result I bet in time it bagged her Mr. Right and that is a good thing. So if you’re a dress wearer may I suggest the fine art of dropping something and see what it snags you. My thought and I hope it bags you someone.

Don L. Terrill

photo by diongillard