Dont Learn Dont Date Successfully

Productive Dating Requires Learning from Our Mistakes

I have a hunch that not learning from our mistakes is one of the biggest errors humans make and there seems to be no indications that this process is being corrected any time in the near future. If anything were getting worse at learning from our mistakes. Its bad enough that we do this bad behavior with the little things like taking out the trash and that causes enough trouble; but you would think that when its really and I mean really important; Like getting married, having kids and then getting divorced, We would definitely learn. But like brain dead zombies we carry out the same process by ignoring the errors of the past and do the same non productive stupid things again and again. Its like were nothing short of a full deck and dense as a rock.

Dating Requires Learning

Now don’t get me wrong I’ve made my share of repetitive mistakes but eventually I’ve learned that not learning is a fatal flaw that I would rather avoid at all cost. I guess I just got tired of being so stupid. So I settled into my divorced status and didn’t make another attempt at marriage success until I was absolutely sure of what I was doing.

Change Requires New Thinking

I honestly think that making repetitive mistakes is learned behavior and as such can be corrected in the future and consequently will produce results more favorable to both parties involved.

Pay Attention

Doing the right things in life is easy when we pay attention to what’s going on in our life and make sure that we by careful consideration are doing the right thing for all parties involved. The is no reason why everyone cant improve the quality of their life by paying attention to the details and make better decisions because we are better informed.

Take Pride in Your Learning & Date Better

If you’re in the process of doing something over again that you have already done, pay attention and compare now with then and see if the two pictures closely resemble each other. If they do don’t make another move till you come to your senses and realize that if you know the results in advance and you don’t like the outcome. Take two aspirin and call your therapist in the morning. If that doesn’t work hop a plane fly to a remote location in Alaska and parachute down and spent time with the caribou till you realize the futility of your thinking process. Then cautiously return to the scene of the almost repetitive mistake and pat yourself on the back and take pride in the knowledge that your learning from your mistakes and that is a golden moment in time. Then and only then will success follow your dating routine. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by danielfarrell


Make Tomorrow Today

Do It Today

If your reading this article I can only assume your seeking to improve your mating and dating skills. The following material would be an excellent way to follow to achieve your aspirations.

Tomorrow Never Comes

Wouldn't it be better to make tomorrow today? That would force us to do tomorrows things today. Sounds a bit unbalanced doesn’t it? But you know what it just might get us off the pot and get things done. After all if something is possible to do tomorrow then it is possible to do today.

Waiting Till Later Doesn't Get It Done

Putting things off till tomorrow is a defect we all seem to have in our genes. No it’s not fatal but it does cause emotional concerns that could otherwise be avoided. If we practiced the art of doing things more quickly rather then procrastinating. Which never helps but does bring discomfort that could easily be avoided if better speed was applied to our do list. Not doing things promptly when we know we should doesn ’t give us faith in ourselves. Imagine how much better you would feel about yourself, if you acted promptly on things. We all feel the knots in our stomach when we fail to do the right thing. And the more we put it off the more the knot tightens and that often causes physical conditions that would be easily avoided by creating habits that clear our desk of concerns.

A Good Habit Is In the Works

Every time I avoid doing something I don’t feel good about. Yet I haven’t as of today completely cleared this annoying habit from my life, but I’m working on it and I am getting better even my wife has noticed I’m working harder at facing issues and confronting them. But I’m not there yet but I can see progress and that gives me faith that a good habit is being developed and that’s a good thing.

Habits Can Either Help or Hurt

Most things we want to do are controlled by habits we have developed in our life and so it behooves us to understand this bit of information and use healthy habits to give our life a greater sense of wellness, then we now feel.

Save Your New Habit in Your Pocket

When you start paying attention to your life you will see the value of good habits and the destructive nature of bad habits. Bad habits should be totally observed by our consciousness then stopped and never repeated again. When you know you have to do something write it on a piece of paper and put it in your pocket. And don't throw it away till you get the job done. And the note is running the plays till you get a field goal.

Today I Going to Converse With Someone

Write on the piece of paper I'm going to talk to everyone I met today. That's the first step in finding a date. That’s how I feel and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

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Dating & Wine Make Good Tasting

Wine Has Always Helped People Meet

I remember a movie I saw one time. It was about a young man returning home after world war two. He like many soldiers who returned to his previous life only to find his wife in bed with a new love. He gathered his civilian clothes and got a job selling chocolate candy to retail stores. While ridding on a bus to his first town, he meet a girl who was returning home from college were she had an affair with one of her professors. She told the soldier she was pregnant and was afraid to tell her Father about it. Her Father was a wine baron in napa valley in California; who wanted to continue a certain blood line and the professor didn't qualify as a candidate.

I Enjoy Wine at Night

I enjoy drinking a nip of the vine at night prior to going to bed. It helps me relax and my doctor says it good for me in moderation. And I also like the way it tastes and makes me feel.

It Makes Us Freer

I truly believe that wine is a way that people can meet and enjoy each others company. It helps us talk to each other and lets us put down our hair and be a little more open with are thoughts, opinions and ideas. It helps us connect with each other in ways that bring us closer together.

Find The Wine You Like & Meeting is a Bonus

Today there are many ways people can experience wine tasting. Wineries have always at some level offered the public the opportunity to try their wines. And that concept has moved from the winery to right into a persons home. There are all kinds companies offering up ideas to the public, that they can use to enjoy the experience of drinking wine. They are like the Mary Kay Representative they will come to your home and put on a wine tasting party, that will teach people the art of drinking and the types of wines available.

Helps Strangers Find Each Other

If your interested in meeting people? wine related activities would be a good path to follow. Search your local community and you will find numerous ways to taste wine and enjoy the company of the opposite sex. Wine creates the atmosphere and then you can talk, listen and find someone special. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Simon Davison


Dates are Often Sparked by Walking & Jogging

Going Somewhere? Use Your Feet to Get There

This is a particularly good way for people to meet each other. I recently viewed people walking on tv, they were doing this to raise money to help a cause they believed in. It showed a wide variety of people walking and talking to each other and they all seemed to be having fun.

We Did It for Fun

I remember as a child walking for many causes, for me it was just a fun thing to do. As kids we were constantly changing our position in the line; mostly because we saw our friends in other places in the line. Sometimes we would stop and just watch people go by. Then we rejoined the line and eventually arrived at the finish line; where goodies were provided.

Just Move & Talk

As I think back on these events I see many opportunities to meet girls. Had I been older and wanted to meet girls, I would have probably acted in a similar way but this time my agenda would be different. Now I would be looking to meet girls. Now I would be moving in and out of the line to move closer to girls I wanted to meet or to girls I know, that had girl friends with them. I would also gravitate to boys I know, because they would generally be with girls and that would break the ice for me to meet them and their girl friends.

Moving Helps Shyness

As a young man I was shy and had difficulty being social with girls on a dating level. Today things are different for me. No don't get me wrong I'm happily married with the love of my life and nothing will ever change that. But I am constantly talking to people that I come in contact with. I do this to see how people respond to me and what I'm saying. This is a process that helps me understand how to meet someone and then how to move that first connection to higher level of communication. Almost all people I respond to, return an equal response to me and Ive noticed that if I'm smiling they will almost always return a smile to me. Sometimes I make an additional comment while continuing to smile and see what happens. This is my way of reinforcing my belief that people like to talk to each other.

Walk, Run and Then Maybe Touching Will be in Order

This will work for you if you don't think of it as trying to get a date. Let this be a talking and meeting experience and don't push it any farther unless someone shows some interest in you. In other words are they moving closer to you? This could be one clue of many clue possibilities that might be telling you something. Now don't jump to conclusions, because there are many reasons why someone might be showing interest in you. Maybe there a Realtor and looking for new clients. So stay cool and there motives will come to light in due time.

Move & Maybe a Mover Will Move You

I find walking a great way to relax and think about things; like articles to write about. So start walking or running its a great way to meet people and then move to higher level of togetherness. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by edwin11_79


A Chicken Connection

My Neighbor Wasn't Listening

John who was a neighbor who worked at a local chicken place. My wife and I go there every once in awhile and find the Barbecue and chicken stuff super tasting. Recently I was raking the lawn and John walked over and asked me how things were going? Through our conversation I told him I was involved in writing for a couple websites and one was about dating and finding the right person for you. Since he brought up the subject I figured that made him fair game for a question from me.

They Worked Together

I asked him if he would be receptive to taking a few questions from me if he had time. We sat on my porch and got comfortable. My first question was do you see yourself as happily married? He said yes and I said why? He responded by saying that his wife was the love of his life and he loves being with her. I asked him how they met? He said she had to hit me on the head to get me to recognize her. even thought I worked with her at the chicken place. I said what do you mean by that? He said I guess I wasn’t considering anyone at the store for a dating partner. My Dad has always told me that you shouldn’t be serious with people you work with. I guess I took him at his word and didn’t even see that someone working at the store was trying to get to know me. Then I asked him what did your future wife have to do to get your attention and eventually your heart?

She Sought His Attention All The Time

John said he sometimes looks back and marvels at the challenge his future wife had in trying to connect with him. He said she was all the time bumping into me. When that didn’t work she started sitting with me at break times when it was possible and constantly asked me questions about myself and what I liked to do. Whenever possible she would by hook and crook manage to work next to me if someone was sick, late or etc. Even then I didn’t have a clue that she was interested in me.

She Stopped Trying & Quit

Then one day out of sheer desperation on her part; his future wife quit her job over the phone and never returned to the chicken place. That’s when I realized how much I liked her, because she wasn’t around me anymore. My boss said she wouldn’t return his calls and he wondered if I would be willing to call her and see if he could persuade her to return to work. She was a people person and workers and customers all liked her and showed there concern that she wasn’t working anymore.

He Called She Wouldn't Answer

John said he called her on the phone and asked her to come back to work because everyone missed her. He said her response was yea everybody but you and then she hung up. And even then I didn’t get what she was trying to tell me. I tried calling her numerous times but she screened her calls and wouldn’t pick up the phone.

He Went to Her Home

Weeks later my boss insisted that I go to her parents home and try to talk to her. Her Mother answered and said her daughter wasn’t home and was out looking for a job. I told her mother who I was and why I was there. I asked her why she wouldn’t take calls from me; I told her I thought we were friends. Her Mother wanting to help her daughter confessed to me that Amy quit because she liked me to much and couldn’t get any response from me and finally realized that things weren’t going to work out and she couldn’t stand being close to me; since she felt the way she did.

He Missed Being Around Her

John said it was like a bolt of lighting hit me and I instantly realized that Amy was special to me and I wanted her back in my life. He said he went home and conjured up a letter that explained how stupid he was and how much he missed her and how much he wanted another opportunity to show her how much he missed her and wanted to be near her again. He told her he didn’t know why but his life had a huge empty spot and that was because she wasn’t in his life anymore. When she received his letter she called him and John said they both talked endlessly and said he wasn’t sure, what they were even saying to each other.

They Said Yes to Each Other in Gods House

He said they got together and found joy in each other and two years later said I love you in front of friends and relatives.

The Sound of Love

So is someone trying to tell you how they feel? Maybe you should open your ear and hear the sound that love makes. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by bear69designs


Car Pool For Dates

Ride With Your Counter Parts

In my younger years I temporarily worked at a Die Casting company. They made and machined a large number of parts for companies all over the country. There biggest company was Whirlpool and two of the parts were motor castings for washers and dryers. My first job was running a die cast machine. This machine was basically made in two parts that were forced together then hot metal was shot into the die and then the machine opened and a metal part was created. Then it had to be processed by hand or machined, put in pallets and shipped to customers. These machines ranged in height from six to twelve feet. And it was a hot and dangerous place to work. So I decided to move to a safer job position.

Worked With Girls

The work place was filled with an equal number of men and women. In about three months I applied to a job opening in the keypunch department and this is where many of the ladies worked. Since I was new to this kind of work I was constantly asking or requiring help from a lady. I almost always sat with the ladies and enjoyed being the only male in the group as a rule. Had I been available which I wasn’t. I could have generated many opportunities for dating. But that didn’t stop the ladies from goggling over me like men do over women when they’re in the majority. But I was a brand new married person and soon to enjoy the status of being a father. I must admit I was flattered by all the attention but had no intention of breaking the rules, I agreed to at the church. As far as I was concerned the cement that bonded us was never going to be broken. But life proved that thinking to be false.

Asked If I Wanted to Join Their Car pooling

Five of us decided to carpool, so now I’m even closer to some of the ladies. Yes they still hit on me, but now they kind of treated me like I was one of them and there conversations were an eye opening experience for me. And here’s the primary thing I learned. If these ladies in this dept. represented the consensus of opinion among all women then I can tell you with absolute certainty that men in general are clueless in the art of understanding women.

I Was Out Numbered But Happy

The key punch dept probably had twenty or so girls working at any given time and everyone but one, who was just recently married; indicated in one way or anther that there partners were more interested in there children, hobbies and toys then they were with there partner. Is this tragic or what. The rising divorce rate indicates things aren’t getting any better with the boys and their toys.

I Learned by Listening That's Girls Just Wanted to Be Appreciated

Working at this company, which lasted about eight months and taught me that women are dying to be appreciated by their partner. So if men will stand up to the plate and be the partner they should be, they will find the joy of there life, sitting right next to them.

So Go Where Your Opportunities Increase

And don’t forget that working and car-pooling with ladies is especially helpful in finding dates; and that can bring insights and opportunities hitherto, not available to you. That’s my Story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Betsssssy


Where Theres People Theres Dating Possibilities

Volunteers Get More Opportunities

I spent the better part of my life living in a small town called St. Joseph Michigan. I grew up in a house over looking Lake Michigan. And as towns go it was a good place to live.

Started a New Festival Event

In my recent years living there the community decided to put on a community event and called it the Venetian Festival. The first year they had it; it was a modest success and every year after that it just got bigger and bigger. Now I think the town is trying to down play the event because it’s gotten so big.

Sold Tickets to Receive a New Car

My wife and I were contacted by a couple I knew from High school who asked us to help them and become volunteers. Our job would be to sell raffle tickets from a booth location. We always worked Saturdays generally for 1 to 3 PM. It reminded me of the time I worked at my parent’s amusement part which was only two blocks away from where the raffle booth was located. And we always had a great time seeing new people and meeting old friends from the past.

Possibilities Came To Me

If I had been single it would have been a great place to meet people. The other volunteers were everywhere. Walking and selling tickets, picking up trash and literally gobs of other jobs. Everyone who worked the festival wore festival tee shirts; maybe hats and all wore identification cards on the shirts. As a volunteer you had endless opportunities to meet new and old acquaintances. During the event volunteers had a special tent to go to and enjoyed refreshments furnished by one or more of the local vendors in the area. Even after the festival volunteers were brought together for a thank you volunteer party which produced relaxing drinks and food and this was all free. Once again another opportunity to meet people.

Volunteer Coat Collector

Across the river from this location was the yacht Club and in the fall volunteers collected donated coats for people who needed them in the wintertime.

Helped Distribute Warm Clothing

As a director of a local senior & disabled housing facility, I received a bulletin asking me to notify my tenants of the event and through that process tenants could request a coat by filling out information concerning there coat size and then I and my helpers would visit the facility and select winter coats for my renters who needed them. And the process was done in a discreet way so that one receiving a coat could feel comfortable about knowing there needs were not being shared with there local neighbors and friends. This was a good thing to do and it really helped people in a real way.

Enjoyed Being With Kids

I had a friend who was a die-hard bachelor, the last time I saw him, he was in charge of a food facility located in a public park that promoted soccer, baseball and tennis. And boy did he play the field. He was a great person to know, because he was always high on being around the kids who he genuinely cared about. I know this because one day while sharing a few beers he shared the story of his childhood and it was a scary experience for him and even then his eyes swelled when he talked about it. And because he was a great giver of himself to the kids, the mothers found him adorable too.

So Become a Helper & That Will Help You Meet Possibilities

So are you getting the jest of what I’m trying to say? Volunteer because it’s good for you emotionally and it helps other people. And a by-product of your generosity is rewarded by meeting people who may become your love mate or may assist you in finding that special person. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by awnisALAN


Politics A Good Way to Meet

Push Two Agenda's

This would be an excellent way to kill two birds with one stone. It would hopefully promote your agenda and also give you the opportunity to meet members of the opposite sex.

Currently two shows on TV are presenting this scenario. It occurs to me that watching these shows can be helpful in the noble pursuit of talking to people.

Time For A Female President?

I kind of like both shows but tilt slightly to the lady president. I think it’s giving us a kind of view that might play out if a woman made that happen for herself. I rather think that perhaps such a happening might prove a very positive thing for our country. My wife would be a good choice for president because she always thinks out of the box and boy do we need more options available in the world. I have become keenly aware of the value of out of the box thinking. I used to, just do something and then seek her thoughts afterwards. Now I consult her first and then don’t have to, do it over again. Sure my fellow men kid me about that, but you know what? Ninety nine percent of the time she offers thoughts not yet thought by yours truly or anyone else in our vicinity for that matter.

Help Society and Yourself

But all kidding aside getting involved with electing someone will greatly improve your confidence and help you meet people. And the more people you talk to, will improve your technique and that will always help you in future endeavors.

Waving Posters Displays You

You might be talking to people on the phone, putting out posters, or standing on the corner and waving a big sign and that will help your candidate and your causes; you will also be promoting yourself and that’s a great way to meet people.

Generates Like Thinking People

Letting people know how you feel on issues gets them to move one step closer to you, because they feel as you do and you bond with each other. And bonding is one-step closer to saying hey and enjoying a soda together.

Crowds Bring More Opportunities for Meeting

In case you doubt what I’m talking about watch the crowds that gather to promote their candidates. In these crowds you will see people enjoying being next to each other and enjoying a common cause. And just maybe, they will find themselves not only watching the candidate but also watching you. And that wouldn’t hurt your feelings, would it?

Runners for Office Are Always Looking for Help

So read the paper and watch the local channels on TV. This will help you find issues your concerned about and also expose you to candidates that are of your choosing. Or hop on the Internet and select your party choice and go from there. They the parties and the candidates are all looking for human support and they will find a volunteer job just suited for your temperament.

Helps Practice Meeting

And then as things move along you’ll find yourself more outward and more inclined to promote your own personal agenda and that of course would be to find someone to share your thoughts and maybe your heart with. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Editor_Tupp


Finding Dates & Bowling Go Hand in Hand

Joined a Bowling League

Shortly after my first marriage hit the skids, I started bowling and eventually joined a Saturday night bowling league. My bowling average was somewhere around 155. Now that wouldn’t have been to bad if I had been a tad more consistent. Nothing could have been farther from the truth. My bowling score ranged from one extreme to the other. And to make things worse I don’t ever remember winning one of the game pots. We and who we played almost always formed a pot by everyone putting a dollar in and the person who bowled the highest game took the cash.

Both Sexes Were Everywhere

Even though it was a men’s league girls were everywhere. They were wives, girl friends or singles. But no matter what there status was they all participated in the ritual of watching, hollering and like me drinking alcohol. Of course we all only drank in moderation and when we did drink too much, we let someone drive us home. If you buy that I would like to sell you the Brooklyn Bridge.

After Bowling Dancing Was in Order

Everyone always seemed to have a good time and most people after bowling migrated to the bar in the bowling alley and enjoyed further togetherness by listening to a local band and danced when properly liquefied; and the sweat from the bowling didn’t seem to interfere with anyone’s nose. And if you were smart you would leave before the last dance was called; because that’s when the unruly ones banged heads with each other and hard feelings were created.

Availability Was Everywhere

Now there were many guys there who were looking to hook up with someone and sometimes I qualified for that category. Bowling like all sporting events gathered spectators and each had a motive for being there. Some just wanted to watch, others had their eye on someone and others were trying to make contact with someone. Either way everyone there had an agenda and the system seemed to work well for most people.

Shouting for Bowlers Was a Good Sign for the Bowler

It was not uncommon for people sitting in upper deck to yell encouragement to a person bowling and this was a way some people communicated their desire sometimes to meet you. If someone yelled your name that was a signal that at some level they were trying to get your attention. It was like using jumble drums to attract a mate. For example I used to visit this small convenience store close to work to purchase snicker bars and sometimes a coke. Sometimes this cute girl used to be cashiering and I wanted to ask her out but my presentation was always cut short by another customer. But then one day she showed up at the bowling alley and sat in my section right next to the steps and I couldn’t help but pass her. I said hi and she said I came to see you bowl, I hope that’s ok? Me acting cool of course said yes. She stayed for the music and we danced. I walked her to her car and we hugged good night. Wow was that easy of what?

Everyone Was Looking for Something

Like all the ladies till I met my wife we dated for a time and then drifted to other people. I guess we were like the Bedouins in the dessert trying to find the oasis. I hope the all ended up finding there soul mates and lived happily ever after.

Re Connected with My Brother

Bowling even brought my brother and I back together. We parted ways when we were younger and then found each other again while bowling in a tournament. It was good to see him again, we have stayed in touch every since.

Bowling & Meeting

You never know what joys you will find, when you mingle with people and talk. And don’t forget the bowling alley is more then just a place to roll a ball, its a place to meet. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Chaparral [Kendra]


Malls are Great Places to Find conversation

Looking for Cards

A month or so ago I visited a local mall; my goal was to purchase cards for certain events coming up. I always go through the food section because I frequently need to visit the bathroom, my cancer treatments contribute greatly to that need. When I came out I stopped and just observed what was going on. There didn’t seem to be any dating stuff in my viewing sight. Most of the people there were either sitting by themselves or dealing with their children. And there were few men around, and most of them were working for the eateries.

Asked for Directions and Good Feelings Found Me

My first stop was to ask the store directory person directions to the closes card place. She smiled and gave me easy directions to the nearest place, I said thank you and moved on. I couldn’t help but notice her warm smile and the pleasant caring tone in her voice. Could that have been an opportunity if I was looking?

Got Two Smiles at the Cash Register

The card store was easy to find and so was the view along the way. The first thing I did was to ask the nice young lady at the counter for directions to the cards I was looking for. She stepped out from behind the counter and directed me personally to the two locations filling my needs. I said thank you, she smiled and then slowly returned to her home base. I found what I wanted and returned to the counter to find a new employee and she greeted me warmly. I paid my bill but before I could leave another lady employee gave me a coupon that would help entice me to return. Once again I said thank you and she smiled and said please come back.

Was Just Looking

Whenever I’m at any mall location I am always inclined to visit stores that sell tools and or motor driven things. Sears was my destination today. I meandered through the tool section hoping to find a new tool something that would in time find permanent residence in the work shed. Which I will value always but only use when someone needs help; but that’s a good thing because seeing people and talking helps keep my wellness in good operating order.

She Was Extra Kind

While leaving the store I received another message from my brain instructing me to speedily find the nearest bathroom. This happened just prior to me seeing a your lady sitting just outside of sears, who was attempting to give people a way to acquire certain products at a cheaper price. I stopped and asked her if she could direct me to the nearest restroom. She neither pointed nor gave me directions. She got up and said please follow me. I have a hunch she saw the urgency in my facial expression and decided the personal touch was in order. She took me to the employee’s bathroom and used her key to make it happen. I thanked her for her kindness when I returned to her location. She smiled and said we have all been there, I was glad to be able to help you. We talked in length about what she was selling and then I walked away.

Opportunities are Everywhere

Here’s the pictures I’m trying to paint and believe me I don’t have a clue how to do that, I mean painting that this. But I do know how to meet people and that’s the picture I have tried to paint today. No I didn’t make an advancing move, but could have if I had wanted to.

I Dialed and Found Love, What Action are you Trying?

Twenty years ago I made a move and found the love of my life and all I had to do is dial a number and talk. If you want to find someone then maybe you might want to make your move by doing something and find the love of your life. May I suggest visiting malls as a starting point; after all, all journeys start somewhere. And please pay attention to the people you talk to because somewhere in the mix are people with souls that match your soul. When that happens just enjoy and don't concern yourself on why it works. Finding your soul mate has nothing to do with compatibility. I have a hunch that each of us have a device in our head that clicks on when soul mates meet. And that in my humble opinion is true love. I know of what I speak because that's how it happened with me. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Paul Keleher


Read & Find a Date

Book Stores

Book establishments are ideal locations to mingle with people and they create easy ways to talk to each other. People who love to read share a special connection to each other and they are always eager to share what they have read and how they feel about the subject. It’s like they live the material they read and it gives them a different identity depending on what they have read or what they are currently reading. And they are more then eager to debate the value of what someone writes. Some get so engrossed in there reading that there life becomes whatever they read and they use reality only when the have to.

Talked to Me First

Recently I visited a new bookstore and I stayed there for two hours. At one point I noticed a person with a cup of coffee and for some reason I focused on him for a minute or two. He went right past me and asked two ladies if they minded if he joined them sitting at their table, both said they didn’t mind. And instantly they all started talking to each other as if they were old friends. While I watched that event unfold and a lady walked by me and said that’s a good book your holding. buy it you’ll like it. I said that’s good to know; thank you for sharing that with me. And she walked away. Now I’m married and not even looking and look that happened to me.

He Lived by Reading

My uncle was a die-hard reader. You hardly ever found him without a book. And because of this reading he knew everything about everything. What he read wasn’t important, he just wanted to read and he didn’t care what it was.

Love Finds Love

He had no confidence in himself and was the shyest person in the word. Then one day while sitting in the library at the mature age of sixty-seven he was jolted by someone pushing a cart of books. It turned out to be a lady who had recently moved into the area and was volunteering to help reorganize the library into a new computer system; that would eventually allow members to find and locate book material they wanted to find. They were carbon copies of each other. There only difference was he was a he and she was a she. They bonded like two stray dogs and only exited each other to visit the bathroom or when work called. If a library could bond two bookworms imagine what it can do for you.

Popular Place to Meet

One time when I worked at the hospital I was always hearing the nurses talking about meeting men and two of those places they talked about a lot was the library and a local bar.

Age Knows no Limits when it comes to Dating

When I worked at this high-rise facility which was filled mostly by senior citizens they frequently talked about finding there companions at either the library of the senior center.

Age Makes you More Valuable

Now I don’t know what rung of the latter your life is on, but from what I have observed almost everyone in life who is unconnected is looking to find someone and age is no barrier to finding someone to be in your life.

So Grab a Book & Smile

Just recently I noticed a piece in the paper, which showed a ninety five year old gentlemen tying the knot with his childhood sweet heart. They lost track of each other and got married to other people. Their partners passed away and they found each other again while visiting the local library. You know what they say? The proof is in the pudding. So rent a book from the library and make the subject matter about pudding and maybe a book will lead you to someone. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Paul Keleher


Body Manipulation & Meet Girls

If you need an Adjustment and want to Meet Ladies, See Your Chiropractor

I have been an advocate for chiropractic care every since I hurt my back as a teenager. It happened while I helping to repair a horse on a merry go round. My parents owned an amusement park and I was required to work there in the summer and learn all I could about how things worked. On this particular day I was helping a co-worker lubricate the moving parts of a merry go round. Some of the horses move up and down and because they moved, they required regular lubrication. One particular horse needed to be lifted so a collar could be properly adjusted. When I lifted same, I felt something move in the bottom part of my back and when I tried to stand up I couldn’t and boy did it hurt when I tried. I was so crippled up that I had to have my co-worker drive me home.

Dad Called His Doctor Friend

Then my Father called one of his doctor friends and arranged an immediate meeting for me. I even had to have my Mother help me get out of my coveralls and also help me re dress myself. My Mother was a perfectionist and required me to be more presentable to the doctor. Luckily I didn’t need to change my underwear or go to the bathroom. Having my Mother help me do these two chores would have been too traumatic for me to deal with. As it was I had to dress while I was on the floor on my one side and couldn’t straighten myself out. Laugh if you will, trying to dress in a leaned over position and then when you try pain totally occupies your brain and that’s not a happy thing to deal with.

Hurt But Better in a Second

The doctor was a no nonsense adjustment person. He told me that what he was about to do would be painful but God willing and if the creek don’t rise, I will be a better person in a few moments. He was correct on both counts. The adjustment forced words from my mouth that even startled me, but as fast as it came it exited even faster. Man was it great to be standing up again. I said thank you and my dad gave him money and out the door we went. Sadly that incredible man passed away six months later. I left his office feeling like a person just cured by a faith healer. And even today I still when needed visit a local adjuster and walk away feeling better.

My Family Members visit the Bone Adjusters

My newest daughter in law (who is adorable) even works for one. Not the one I see but according to her and my stepson who occasionally receives treatments, is a super adjuster too.

Seems Like Only Females work there, even the Doctor sometimes

But here’s the pitch I’m trying to make to you. Every facility I have ever visited that offer this service is chucked full of females who work there. And there are also a lot of patents that are of that persuasion too. And like most doctor places they always move you from one location to another. First you start in the lobby, then maybe a heat or etc treatment and ultimately sit in a row with others and play musical chairs till your chosen as the next person for a bone adjustment.

Hey my Name is Don

And the beauty of this process is not only do you get an adjustment and feel better, but you get a added bonus of enjoying the company of the opposite sex and its as easy as eating your Mothers apple pie. And everybody is talking to everybody and that produces the opportunity to talk, like and maybe date the person your sitting next to. So if you talk the talk and walk the walk maybe you’ll see a smile that says hey and maybe a hayride is in your future. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Allan...


Bars Help People Meet

Bars are Like Great Places to Meet

I’m feeling a little reluctant to suggest that you go to a place where alcohol is consumed. For numerous reasons, one they are fraught with danger. Gobs of people go in, out and then in part or in small increments destroy their life. Some direct their vehicle to harm, eliminate or just use as a killing device. Also when your alone and or tipsy there are those who would take advantage of you; like spiking your drink with la la stuff. I know you think your invulnerable or it wont happen to you. The graveyards and funny farms are filled with people who felt the same as you; it won’t happen to me. So baring the pit falls like the proceeding stuff may I cautiously suggest bars to find people to talk to.

Spirits Loosen the Tongue

Alcohol when properly administered is a mouth loosening additive that allow words to freely flow throught your mouth to ears of those who are listening. All kidding aside it’s a great environment to meet people and find compatible soul mates.

Touching is Helpful

And here’s another thought you might be more productive at dancing if a dance floor is available. The potion and motion make good dancing therapeutic.

A Place of Temporary Wellness

When I was single I visited certain bars for a reason. Sometimes at the end of a day I enjoyed sitting at the bar and just viewing the activity going on around me. Bars are where people express their every thought as if they were talking to their therapist. I too shared my fluidity with others. Bars are where words are spoken but no one is listening.

Bars Give Us Sanctuary

The last year my Father and I worked together was a great bar experience for us. Our business required that we work till ten or so at night. Then we hopped into my car and visited one of four bars. One was an up scale and had a person playing the piano and singing. The second was a place where Wyatt Earp would have felt at home in. The third was a known gay bar and I didn’t have a clue why he would choose this bar. Then again maybe I do. Dad was a person who didn’t let preferences interfere with his liking or disliking a person. The fourth bar was a bar located in a Holiday Inn and that was where all the young legal drinkers rocked and rolled. Everyone was a joy producing place for me. Primarily because I got to know my Father better. He was a peoples person and was a joy to be around. He was not a handsome man, but he was a skilled user of the English language. When he quoted Shakespeare the people around us stopped talking to listen to what he was saying and they always applauded his eloquence.

My Dad Was Good for Everyone

Women his age found him sexy, older ladies found him hug gable and the young wished their grandfather were just like him. He was truly a man for all people.

Relax and Find Company

Here’s the point I’m trying to make, bars are and can be useful places where people relax and explore the wonders of the world. And can and frequently do help people find the person of their dreams. And that is a truly a noble tradition. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by glennharper