Bars Help People Meet

Bars are Like Great Places to Meet

I’m feeling a little reluctant to suggest that you go to a place where alcohol is consumed. For numerous reasons, one they are fraught with danger. Gobs of people go in, out and then in part or in small increments destroy their life. Some direct their vehicle to harm, eliminate or just use as a killing device. Also when your alone and or tipsy there are those who would take advantage of you; like spiking your drink with la la stuff. I know you think your invulnerable or it wont happen to you. The graveyards and funny farms are filled with people who felt the same as you; it won’t happen to me. So baring the pit falls like the proceeding stuff may I cautiously suggest bars to find people to talk to.

Spirits Loosen the Tongue

Alcohol when properly administered is a mouth loosening additive that allow words to freely flow throught your mouth to ears of those who are listening. All kidding aside it’s a great environment to meet people and find compatible soul mates.

Touching is Helpful

And here’s another thought you might be more productive at dancing if a dance floor is available. The potion and motion make good dancing therapeutic.

A Place of Temporary Wellness

When I was single I visited certain bars for a reason. Sometimes at the end of a day I enjoyed sitting at the bar and just viewing the activity going on around me. Bars are where people express their every thought as if they were talking to their therapist. I too shared my fluidity with others. Bars are where words are spoken but no one is listening.

Bars Give Us Sanctuary

The last year my Father and I worked together was a great bar experience for us. Our business required that we work till ten or so at night. Then we hopped into my car and visited one of four bars. One was an up scale and had a person playing the piano and singing. The second was a place where Wyatt Earp would have felt at home in. The third was a known gay bar and I didn’t have a clue why he would choose this bar. Then again maybe I do. Dad was a person who didn’t let preferences interfere with his liking or disliking a person. The fourth bar was a bar located in a Holiday Inn and that was where all the young legal drinkers rocked and rolled. Everyone was a joy producing place for me. Primarily because I got to know my Father better. He was a peoples person and was a joy to be around. He was not a handsome man, but he was a skilled user of the English language. When he quoted Shakespeare the people around us stopped talking to listen to what he was saying and they always applauded his eloquence.

My Dad Was Good for Everyone

Women his age found him sexy, older ladies found him hug gable and the young wished their grandfather were just like him. He was truly a man for all people.

Relax and Find Company

Here’s the point I’m trying to make, bars are and can be useful places where people relax and explore the wonders of the world. And can and frequently do help people find the person of their dreams. And that is a truly a noble tradition. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by glennharper