Body Manipulation & Meet Girls

If you need an Adjustment and want to Meet Ladies, See Your Chiropractor

I have been an advocate for chiropractic care every since I hurt my back as a teenager. It happened while I helping to repair a horse on a merry go round. My parents owned an amusement park and I was required to work there in the summer and learn all I could about how things worked. On this particular day I was helping a co-worker lubricate the moving parts of a merry go round. Some of the horses move up and down and because they moved, they required regular lubrication. One particular horse needed to be lifted so a collar could be properly adjusted. When I lifted same, I felt something move in the bottom part of my back and when I tried to stand up I couldn’t and boy did it hurt when I tried. I was so crippled up that I had to have my co-worker drive me home.

Dad Called His Doctor Friend

Then my Father called one of his doctor friends and arranged an immediate meeting for me. I even had to have my Mother help me get out of my coveralls and also help me re dress myself. My Mother was a perfectionist and required me to be more presentable to the doctor. Luckily I didn’t need to change my underwear or go to the bathroom. Having my Mother help me do these two chores would have been too traumatic for me to deal with. As it was I had to dress while I was on the floor on my one side and couldn’t straighten myself out. Laugh if you will, trying to dress in a leaned over position and then when you try pain totally occupies your brain and that’s not a happy thing to deal with.

Hurt But Better in a Second

The doctor was a no nonsense adjustment person. He told me that what he was about to do would be painful but God willing and if the creek don’t rise, I will be a better person in a few moments. He was correct on both counts. The adjustment forced words from my mouth that even startled me, but as fast as it came it exited even faster. Man was it great to be standing up again. I said thank you and my dad gave him money and out the door we went. Sadly that incredible man passed away six months later. I left his office feeling like a person just cured by a faith healer. And even today I still when needed visit a local adjuster and walk away feeling better.

My Family Members visit the Bone Adjusters

My newest daughter in law (who is adorable) even works for one. Not the one I see but according to her and my stepson who occasionally receives treatments, is a super adjuster too.

Seems Like Only Females work there, even the Doctor sometimes

But here’s the pitch I’m trying to make to you. Every facility I have ever visited that offer this service is chucked full of females who work there. And there are also a lot of patents that are of that persuasion too. And like most doctor places they always move you from one location to another. First you start in the lobby, then maybe a heat or etc treatment and ultimately sit in a row with others and play musical chairs till your chosen as the next person for a bone adjustment.

Hey my Name is Don

And the beauty of this process is not only do you get an adjustment and feel better, but you get a added bonus of enjoying the company of the opposite sex and its as easy as eating your Mothers apple pie. And everybody is talking to everybody and that produces the opportunity to talk, like and maybe date the person your sitting next to. So if you talk the talk and walk the walk maybe you’ll see a smile that says hey and maybe a hayride is in your future. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Allan...