Car Pool For Dates

Ride With Your Counter Parts

In my younger years I temporarily worked at a Die Casting company. They made and machined a large number of parts for companies all over the country. There biggest company was Whirlpool and two of the parts were motor castings for washers and dryers. My first job was running a die cast machine. This machine was basically made in two parts that were forced together then hot metal was shot into the die and then the machine opened and a metal part was created. Then it had to be processed by hand or machined, put in pallets and shipped to customers. These machines ranged in height from six to twelve feet. And it was a hot and dangerous place to work. So I decided to move to a safer job position.

Worked With Girls

The work place was filled with an equal number of men and women. In about three months I applied to a job opening in the keypunch department and this is where many of the ladies worked. Since I was new to this kind of work I was constantly asking or requiring help from a lady. I almost always sat with the ladies and enjoyed being the only male in the group as a rule. Had I been available which I wasn’t. I could have generated many opportunities for dating. But that didn’t stop the ladies from goggling over me like men do over women when they’re in the majority. But I was a brand new married person and soon to enjoy the status of being a father. I must admit I was flattered by all the attention but had no intention of breaking the rules, I agreed to at the church. As far as I was concerned the cement that bonded us was never going to be broken. But life proved that thinking to be false.

Asked If I Wanted to Join Their Car pooling

Five of us decided to carpool, so now I’m even closer to some of the ladies. Yes they still hit on me, but now they kind of treated me like I was one of them and there conversations were an eye opening experience for me. And here’s the primary thing I learned. If these ladies in this dept. represented the consensus of opinion among all women then I can tell you with absolute certainty that men in general are clueless in the art of understanding women.

I Was Out Numbered But Happy

The key punch dept probably had twenty or so girls working at any given time and everyone but one, who was just recently married; indicated in one way or anther that there partners were more interested in there children, hobbies and toys then they were with there partner. Is this tragic or what. The rising divorce rate indicates things aren’t getting any better with the boys and their toys.

I Learned by Listening That's Girls Just Wanted to Be Appreciated

Working at this company, which lasted about eight months and taught me that women are dying to be appreciated by their partner. So if men will stand up to the plate and be the partner they should be, they will find the joy of there life, sitting right next to them.

So Go Where Your Opportunities Increase

And don’t forget that working and car-pooling with ladies is especially helpful in finding dates; and that can bring insights and opportunities hitherto, not available to you. That’s my Story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Betsssssy