A Chicken Connection

My Neighbor Wasn't Listening

John who was a neighbor who worked at a local chicken place. My wife and I go there every once in awhile and find the Barbecue and chicken stuff super tasting. Recently I was raking the lawn and John walked over and asked me how things were going? Through our conversation I told him I was involved in writing for a couple websites and one was about dating and finding the right person for you. Since he brought up the subject I figured that made him fair game for a question from me.

They Worked Together

I asked him if he would be receptive to taking a few questions from me if he had time. We sat on my porch and got comfortable. My first question was do you see yourself as happily married? He said yes and I said why? He responded by saying that his wife was the love of his life and he loves being with her. I asked him how they met? He said she had to hit me on the head to get me to recognize her. even thought I worked with her at the chicken place. I said what do you mean by that? He said I guess I wasn’t considering anyone at the store for a dating partner. My Dad has always told me that you shouldn’t be serious with people you work with. I guess I took him at his word and didn’t even see that someone working at the store was trying to get to know me. Then I asked him what did your future wife have to do to get your attention and eventually your heart?

She Sought His Attention All The Time

John said he sometimes looks back and marvels at the challenge his future wife had in trying to connect with him. He said she was all the time bumping into me. When that didn’t work she started sitting with me at break times when it was possible and constantly asked me questions about myself and what I liked to do. Whenever possible she would by hook and crook manage to work next to me if someone was sick, late or etc. Even then I didn’t have a clue that she was interested in me.

She Stopped Trying & Quit

Then one day out of sheer desperation on her part; his future wife quit her job over the phone and never returned to the chicken place. That’s when I realized how much I liked her, because she wasn’t around me anymore. My boss said she wouldn’t return his calls and he wondered if I would be willing to call her and see if he could persuade her to return to work. She was a people person and workers and customers all liked her and showed there concern that she wasn’t working anymore.

He Called She Wouldn't Answer

John said he called her on the phone and asked her to come back to work because everyone missed her. He said her response was yea everybody but you and then she hung up. And even then I didn’t get what she was trying to tell me. I tried calling her numerous times but she screened her calls and wouldn’t pick up the phone.

He Went to Her Home

Weeks later my boss insisted that I go to her parents home and try to talk to her. Her Mother answered and said her daughter wasn’t home and was out looking for a job. I told her mother who I was and why I was there. I asked her why she wouldn’t take calls from me; I told her I thought we were friends. Her Mother wanting to help her daughter confessed to me that Amy quit because she liked me to much and couldn’t get any response from me and finally realized that things weren’t going to work out and she couldn’t stand being close to me; since she felt the way she did.

He Missed Being Around Her

John said it was like a bolt of lighting hit me and I instantly realized that Amy was special to me and I wanted her back in my life. He said he went home and conjured up a letter that explained how stupid he was and how much he missed her and how much he wanted another opportunity to show her how much he missed her and wanted to be near her again. He told her he didn’t know why but his life had a huge empty spot and that was because she wasn’t in his life anymore. When she received his letter she called him and John said they both talked endlessly and said he wasn’t sure, what they were even saying to each other.

They Said Yes to Each Other in Gods House

He said they got together and found joy in each other and two years later said I love you in front of friends and relatives.

The Sound of Love

So is someone trying to tell you how they feel? Maybe you should open your ear and hear the sound that love makes. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by bear69designs