Dating & Wine Make Good Tasting

Wine Has Always Helped People Meet

I remember a movie I saw one time. It was about a young man returning home after world war two. He like many soldiers who returned to his previous life only to find his wife in bed with a new love. He gathered his civilian clothes and got a job selling chocolate candy to retail stores. While ridding on a bus to his first town, he meet a girl who was returning home from college were she had an affair with one of her professors. She told the soldier she was pregnant and was afraid to tell her Father about it. Her Father was a wine baron in napa valley in California; who wanted to continue a certain blood line and the professor didn't qualify as a candidate.

I Enjoy Wine at Night

I enjoy drinking a nip of the vine at night prior to going to bed. It helps me relax and my doctor says it good for me in moderation. And I also like the way it tastes and makes me feel.

It Makes Us Freer

I truly believe that wine is a way that people can meet and enjoy each others company. It helps us talk to each other and lets us put down our hair and be a little more open with are thoughts, opinions and ideas. It helps us connect with each other in ways that bring us closer together.

Find The Wine You Like & Meeting is a Bonus

Today there are many ways people can experience wine tasting. Wineries have always at some level offered the public the opportunity to try their wines. And that concept has moved from the winery to right into a persons home. There are all kinds companies offering up ideas to the public, that they can use to enjoy the experience of drinking wine. They are like the Mary Kay Representative they will come to your home and put on a wine tasting party, that will teach people the art of drinking and the types of wines available.

Helps Strangers Find Each Other

If your interested in meeting people? wine related activities would be a good path to follow. Search your local community and you will find numerous ways to taste wine and enjoy the company of the opposite sex. Wine creates the atmosphere and then you can talk, listen and find someone special. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Simon Davison