Dont Learn Dont Date Successfully

Productive Dating Requires Learning from Our Mistakes

I have a hunch that not learning from our mistakes is one of the biggest errors humans make and there seems to be no indications that this process is being corrected any time in the near future. If anything were getting worse at learning from our mistakes. Its bad enough that we do this bad behavior with the little things like taking out the trash and that causes enough trouble; but you would think that when its really and I mean really important; Like getting married, having kids and then getting divorced, We would definitely learn. But like brain dead zombies we carry out the same process by ignoring the errors of the past and do the same non productive stupid things again and again. Its like were nothing short of a full deck and dense as a rock.

Dating Requires Learning

Now don’t get me wrong I’ve made my share of repetitive mistakes but eventually I’ve learned that not learning is a fatal flaw that I would rather avoid at all cost. I guess I just got tired of being so stupid. So I settled into my divorced status and didn’t make another attempt at marriage success until I was absolutely sure of what I was doing.

Change Requires New Thinking

I honestly think that making repetitive mistakes is learned behavior and as such can be corrected in the future and consequently will produce results more favorable to both parties involved.

Pay Attention

Doing the right things in life is easy when we pay attention to what’s going on in our life and make sure that we by careful consideration are doing the right thing for all parties involved. The is no reason why everyone cant improve the quality of their life by paying attention to the details and make better decisions because we are better informed.

Take Pride in Your Learning & Date Better

If you’re in the process of doing something over again that you have already done, pay attention and compare now with then and see if the two pictures closely resemble each other. If they do don’t make another move till you come to your senses and realize that if you know the results in advance and you don’t like the outcome. Take two aspirin and call your therapist in the morning. If that doesn’t work hop a plane fly to a remote location in Alaska and parachute down and spent time with the caribou till you realize the futility of your thinking process. Then cautiously return to the scene of the almost repetitive mistake and pat yourself on the back and take pride in the knowledge that your learning from your mistakes and that is a golden moment in time. Then and only then will success follow your dating routine. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by danielfarrell