Dates are Often Sparked by Walking & Jogging

Going Somewhere? Use Your Feet to Get There

This is a particularly good way for people to meet each other. I recently viewed people walking on tv, they were doing this to raise money to help a cause they believed in. It showed a wide variety of people walking and talking to each other and they all seemed to be having fun.

We Did It for Fun

I remember as a child walking for many causes, for me it was just a fun thing to do. As kids we were constantly changing our position in the line; mostly because we saw our friends in other places in the line. Sometimes we would stop and just watch people go by. Then we rejoined the line and eventually arrived at the finish line; where goodies were provided.

Just Move & Talk

As I think back on these events I see many opportunities to meet girls. Had I been older and wanted to meet girls, I would have probably acted in a similar way but this time my agenda would be different. Now I would be looking to meet girls. Now I would be moving in and out of the line to move closer to girls I wanted to meet or to girls I know, that had girl friends with them. I would also gravitate to boys I know, because they would generally be with girls and that would break the ice for me to meet them and their girl friends.

Moving Helps Shyness

As a young man I was shy and had difficulty being social with girls on a dating level. Today things are different for me. No don't get me wrong I'm happily married with the love of my life and nothing will ever change that. But I am constantly talking to people that I come in contact with. I do this to see how people respond to me and what I'm saying. This is a process that helps me understand how to meet someone and then how to move that first connection to higher level of communication. Almost all people I respond to, return an equal response to me and Ive noticed that if I'm smiling they will almost always return a smile to me. Sometimes I make an additional comment while continuing to smile and see what happens. This is my way of reinforcing my belief that people like to talk to each other.

Walk, Run and Then Maybe Touching Will be in Order

This will work for you if you don't think of it as trying to get a date. Let this be a talking and meeting experience and don't push it any farther unless someone shows some interest in you. In other words are they moving closer to you? This could be one clue of many clue possibilities that might be telling you something. Now don't jump to conclusions, because there are many reasons why someone might be showing interest in you. Maybe there a Realtor and looking for new clients. So stay cool and there motives will come to light in due time.

Move & Maybe a Mover Will Move You

I find walking a great way to relax and think about things; like articles to write about. So start walking or running its a great way to meet people and then move to higher level of togetherness. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by edwin11_79