Finding Dates & Bowling Go Hand in Hand

Joined a Bowling League

Shortly after my first marriage hit the skids, I started bowling and eventually joined a Saturday night bowling league. My bowling average was somewhere around 155. Now that wouldn’t have been to bad if I had been a tad more consistent. Nothing could have been farther from the truth. My bowling score ranged from one extreme to the other. And to make things worse I don’t ever remember winning one of the game pots. We and who we played almost always formed a pot by everyone putting a dollar in and the person who bowled the highest game took the cash.

Both Sexes Were Everywhere

Even though it was a men’s league girls were everywhere. They were wives, girl friends or singles. But no matter what there status was they all participated in the ritual of watching, hollering and like me drinking alcohol. Of course we all only drank in moderation and when we did drink too much, we let someone drive us home. If you buy that I would like to sell you the Brooklyn Bridge.

After Bowling Dancing Was in Order

Everyone always seemed to have a good time and most people after bowling migrated to the bar in the bowling alley and enjoyed further togetherness by listening to a local band and danced when properly liquefied; and the sweat from the bowling didn’t seem to interfere with anyone’s nose. And if you were smart you would leave before the last dance was called; because that’s when the unruly ones banged heads with each other and hard feelings were created.

Availability Was Everywhere

Now there were many guys there who were looking to hook up with someone and sometimes I qualified for that category. Bowling like all sporting events gathered spectators and each had a motive for being there. Some just wanted to watch, others had their eye on someone and others were trying to make contact with someone. Either way everyone there had an agenda and the system seemed to work well for most people.

Shouting for Bowlers Was a Good Sign for the Bowler

It was not uncommon for people sitting in upper deck to yell encouragement to a person bowling and this was a way some people communicated their desire sometimes to meet you. If someone yelled your name that was a signal that at some level they were trying to get your attention. It was like using jumble drums to attract a mate. For example I used to visit this small convenience store close to work to purchase snicker bars and sometimes a coke. Sometimes this cute girl used to be cashiering and I wanted to ask her out but my presentation was always cut short by another customer. But then one day she showed up at the bowling alley and sat in my section right next to the steps and I couldn’t help but pass her. I said hi and she said I came to see you bowl, I hope that’s ok? Me acting cool of course said yes. She stayed for the music and we danced. I walked her to her car and we hugged good night. Wow was that easy of what?

Everyone Was Looking for Something

Like all the ladies till I met my wife we dated for a time and then drifted to other people. I guess we were like the Bedouins in the dessert trying to find the oasis. I hope the all ended up finding there soul mates and lived happily ever after.

Re Connected with My Brother

Bowling even brought my brother and I back together. We parted ways when we were younger and then found each other again while bowling in a tournament. It was good to see him again, we have stayed in touch every since.

Bowling & Meeting

You never know what joys you will find, when you mingle with people and talk. And don’t forget the bowling alley is more then just a place to roll a ball, its a place to meet. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Chaparral [Kendra]