Make Tomorrow Today

Do It Today

If your reading this article I can only assume your seeking to improve your mating and dating skills. The following material would be an excellent way to follow to achieve your aspirations.

Tomorrow Never Comes

Wouldn't it be better to make tomorrow today? That would force us to do tomorrows things today. Sounds a bit unbalanced doesn’t it? But you know what it just might get us off the pot and get things done. After all if something is possible to do tomorrow then it is possible to do today.

Waiting Till Later Doesn't Get It Done

Putting things off till tomorrow is a defect we all seem to have in our genes. No it’s not fatal but it does cause emotional concerns that could otherwise be avoided. If we practiced the art of doing things more quickly rather then procrastinating. Which never helps but does bring discomfort that could easily be avoided if better speed was applied to our do list. Not doing things promptly when we know we should doesn ’t give us faith in ourselves. Imagine how much better you would feel about yourself, if you acted promptly on things. We all feel the knots in our stomach when we fail to do the right thing. And the more we put it off the more the knot tightens and that often causes physical conditions that would be easily avoided by creating habits that clear our desk of concerns.

A Good Habit Is In the Works

Every time I avoid doing something I don’t feel good about. Yet I haven’t as of today completely cleared this annoying habit from my life, but I’m working on it and I am getting better even my wife has noticed I’m working harder at facing issues and confronting them. But I’m not there yet but I can see progress and that gives me faith that a good habit is being developed and that’s a good thing.

Habits Can Either Help or Hurt

Most things we want to do are controlled by habits we have developed in our life and so it behooves us to understand this bit of information and use healthy habits to give our life a greater sense of wellness, then we now feel.

Save Your New Habit in Your Pocket

When you start paying attention to your life you will see the value of good habits and the destructive nature of bad habits. Bad habits should be totally observed by our consciousness then stopped and never repeated again. When you know you have to do something write it on a piece of paper and put it in your pocket. And don't throw it away till you get the job done. And the note is running the plays till you get a field goal.

Today I Going to Converse With Someone

Write on the piece of paper I'm going to talk to everyone I met today. That's the first step in finding a date. That’s how I feel and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by sunshinecity