Malls are Great Places to Find conversation

Looking for Cards

A month or so ago I visited a local mall; my goal was to purchase cards for certain events coming up. I always go through the food section because I frequently need to visit the bathroom, my cancer treatments contribute greatly to that need. When I came out I stopped and just observed what was going on. There didn’t seem to be any dating stuff in my viewing sight. Most of the people there were either sitting by themselves or dealing with their children. And there were few men around, and most of them were working for the eateries.

Asked for Directions and Good Feelings Found Me

My first stop was to ask the store directory person directions to the closes card place. She smiled and gave me easy directions to the nearest place, I said thank you and moved on. I couldn’t help but notice her warm smile and the pleasant caring tone in her voice. Could that have been an opportunity if I was looking?

Got Two Smiles at the Cash Register

The card store was easy to find and so was the view along the way. The first thing I did was to ask the nice young lady at the counter for directions to the cards I was looking for. She stepped out from behind the counter and directed me personally to the two locations filling my needs. I said thank you, she smiled and then slowly returned to her home base. I found what I wanted and returned to the counter to find a new employee and she greeted me warmly. I paid my bill but before I could leave another lady employee gave me a coupon that would help entice me to return. Once again I said thank you and she smiled and said please come back.

Was Just Looking

Whenever I’m at any mall location I am always inclined to visit stores that sell tools and or motor driven things. Sears was my destination today. I meandered through the tool section hoping to find a new tool something that would in time find permanent residence in the work shed. Which I will value always but only use when someone needs help; but that’s a good thing because seeing people and talking helps keep my wellness in good operating order.

She Was Extra Kind

While leaving the store I received another message from my brain instructing me to speedily find the nearest bathroom. This happened just prior to me seeing a your lady sitting just outside of sears, who was attempting to give people a way to acquire certain products at a cheaper price. I stopped and asked her if she could direct me to the nearest restroom. She neither pointed nor gave me directions. She got up and said please follow me. I have a hunch she saw the urgency in my facial expression and decided the personal touch was in order. She took me to the employee’s bathroom and used her key to make it happen. I thanked her for her kindness when I returned to her location. She smiled and said we have all been there, I was glad to be able to help you. We talked in length about what she was selling and then I walked away.

Opportunities are Everywhere

Here’s the pictures I’m trying to paint and believe me I don’t have a clue how to do that, I mean painting that this. But I do know how to meet people and that’s the picture I have tried to paint today. No I didn’t make an advancing move, but could have if I had wanted to.

I Dialed and Found Love, What Action are you Trying?

Twenty years ago I made a move and found the love of my life and all I had to do is dial a number and talk. If you want to find someone then maybe you might want to make your move by doing something and find the love of your life. May I suggest visiting malls as a starting point; after all, all journeys start somewhere. And please pay attention to the people you talk to because somewhere in the mix are people with souls that match your soul. When that happens just enjoy and don't concern yourself on why it works. Finding your soul mate has nothing to do with compatibility. I have a hunch that each of us have a device in our head that clicks on when soul mates meet. And that in my humble opinion is true love. I know of what I speak because that's how it happened with me. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Paul Keleher